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Tips for mothers and fathers: how to end with the lice of your children?

In Hair Care Tips

Cause irritation, itching and even scalp injuries resulting from scratching the uncomfortable feeling general. However, your children have lice is not synonymous with poor hygiene , much less, but a matter of acidity in the pH of the skin, causing these uncomfortable parasites feel more ‘attracted’ by some heads or by others.

To try to prevent them , nothing like your children with short hair, or in a ponytail or bun, if you look mane, since lice ‘like’ the warmth of capillary luxuriance of the neck and area behind the ears. In addition, there are a number of home remedies that although not eliminate them as specific products against pediculosis as Filvit , yes that help ‘shoo’ of the head of our children.

For example, if we apply on the hair for a few hours a mixture of water with apple vinegar remove   nits, as the acid helps facilitate removal of hair. The to CEITE coconut, meanwhile, smother lice to dehydrate, like a water with rosemary, eucalyptus and lemon. In addition, you can also use the estafisgaria, applying 10 drops a day on the hair for a week, or essence of tea tree, neem oil, lavender, geranium or citronella in the usual shampoo your children, or brush with which comb.

However, all these home remedies can prevent its onset and stop contagion, but to kill lice once ‘accommodated’ in the minds of your children, you must resort to drug treatment ‘anti-lice’ as Filvit, which makes lice and nits completely disappear and disappear irritation, itching and discomfort they cause.

In addition to Filvit, do not forget to periodic reviews of your children ‘s hair, with patience, good clean hands and helped a nit, and notify the school whenever a case of head lice in order to avoid contagion occurs.

And is that a treatment that takes solving this problem for generations

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