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Summer is the season in which the feet are exposed and therefore more exposed thereby increasing the chances of being affected by some type of ailment. As he reported by the College of Chiropodists of Valencia, in a statement released Tuesday, “after the summer about 75 percent of the pathologies treated in their queries are related to the abuse in the use of inappropriate footwear as sabots and sandals or go barefoot too much. “

The most common ailments are sore ankle, on the ground, upper and inner arch of the foot. Also “it is often excessive dehydration of the whole foot, blunt nails or broken by the daily contact with the water and discovered wearing shoes.” In addition, “corns are compounded in the case of people who regularly use templates in summer because they stop using them.”

To avoid this situation or improve the health of the feet after the summer, officials of the College of podiatrists recommend a review by the podiatrist to make a “chiropody and eliminate calluses, treat nails and heels “which, as reported,” are those who suffer most in summer, examine the standing to rule out the appearance of pathology and, if any, apply the appropriate treatment as soon as possible to avoid consequences that fester over time “. This is especially important in the case of diabetic people, “to suffer neuropathies and have difficulty healing, they must be controlled to prevent any chafing or impact on the foot resulting in an ulcer.”

Alongside this, before reuse a closed footwear is important to follow some recommendations for health care foot:

1. adequately rehydrate to prevent blisters, cracks and aridity, particularly in the heel.

2. Dry them carefully. Excess moisture causes multiple problems in the feet, so they must be thoroughly dry, paying particular attention to the interdigital space, to avoid the appearance of fungi and bacteria.

3. Choose socks correctly . They must be of natural fibers, allowing the foot perspiration correct and not tighten at the top to avoid circulatory problems.

4. Review the templates inside the shoe. When the shoes remain stored for several months, you may have been resected templates by sweating, are worn or broken. In the event that footwear is in good condition, it is recommended to replace them if they had appeared fungi or generate discomfort when walking. Furthermore, it should check the soles and change lids, when they deteriorate, so that the shoe does not suffer from wear thereof.

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