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Tips for the treatment of skin spots

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While there are various causes of skin blemishes such as age, hormonal reasons and family history, the sun is the main reason for the accumulation of ultraviolet rays on the skin. Learn how to remove and restore your youthful appearance.
According to the dermatologist Bicentennial Clinic Leticia Borquez,   the women who are more likely to have skin blemishes are taking contraceptives, pregnant dark skins, occupational sun exposure or some hobbies outdoors and taking medications such as phenytoin.
1. Maintain a healthy diet:Eat fruits and vegetables, it is advisable to eat 5 servings a day. In addition, eating fish and nuts that make your skin is restored and looks smoother. Do not let go of drinking water as taking a half liter a day will keep you hydrated and outside skin blemishes and wrinkles.
2. Use sunscreen:   You must use sunscreen throughout the year. No matter if it rains or is cloudy. You should always carry in your purse, and do not expose yourself to the sun in the peack hours. The demartóloga consider that this is the most important and reaffirms that ” even on cloudy days you have to use sunscreen factor 30 or more and every 2 to 3 hours. This demonstrated that no use of depigmenting treatments if the patient is not protecting yourself from the sun. “
3. Natural Remedies: Lemon juice can be very useful for removing skin blemishes. However, Dermatologist “I do not agree with this method because I have seen allergies derivative thereof. Exfoliation should be smooth as waxing since the trauma that this also means worse “picture.
4. Creams despigmentantes: Dermatologist recommended to use a despigmentate of Neostrata twice a day consisting of a cleansing lotion, serum and cream. However, he prefers to give their patients prescriptions adecuden to the needs of each person. Overnight advises “depigmenting containing acid and hydroquinone as day may be photosensitizing and irritation”. Know what you can buy creams are.
Chemical 5.Peeling: This treatment is recommended by the dermatologist to remove stains on the skin in months with less solar radiation.  This is a renewal of the layers of the skin to regenerate new ones and thus removes stains caused by the sun.

Dermatologist emphasizes that in case of any irregular stain color of two or more colors, or with increased volume, it
is preferable emerging seek help from a specialist.

Finally, you should use foundations with sunscreen index achieve a rejuvenated, healthy and blemish free skin.
So careful with the products you occupy as these can damage your skin and cause allergies.
Here we tell precautions you should take.

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