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Tips to apply the foundation correctly

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Make the foundation look natural is anything but easy. And it is very easy for us to pass out and instead of achieving the desired naturally , our skin look orange, or worse, with an aging look because of a clearer basis that the color of our skin .
Woman Magazine spoke with Marcelo Bhanu, make-up artist for MAC , and taught them their best tricks to properly apply this product
1- Choose a color that matches your skin pigmentation. According Magazine Women , most Latinos have the beige skin, if this is the case the base would correspond you is that color and must adapt to a darker or lighter shadeas appropriate. The key is to try and choose the least noticeable.
2- Do you apply foundation all over the face. The expert says that one of the most common mistakes is to think that should be applied based on the entire face to make it more even. The right thing is to put only the parts you want to match to achieve a more natural look. The key to this is to choose Bhanu as a base of crispiness. 3- prefers brushes to apply. The make-up artist recommended brushes natural hair if using powders, and synthetic hair to work with liquid or creamy products. If you do not have one, it’s best to use your fingers “tapping” to avoid dragging said the expert. 4- Dale volume face. The expert in said magazine woman who first is fixed at the heights where the light naturally: the front, the septum of the nose, upper lip and cheeks. These areas are lit , and the sides of the nose and forehead and just below the cheekbone will darken.
more tricks in the note Magazine Women

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