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Tips to avoid salmonella and E.Coli poisoning in summer

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The food poisoning in summer can occur by eating food containing the bacteria, so it is necessary to handle food safely, thoroughly wash fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables, cooking raw products at high temperatures and avoid unpasteurized milk or prepared with raw eggs. Thus, Maite Pelayo, a microbiologist and technical spokesman Silestone Institute notes that “contaminated by microorganisms, particularly bacteria, foods are causing foodborne diseases and other disorders related to food, especially in summer. Such diseases can cause symptoms ranging from a simple upset stomach to more serious problems like diarrhea, fever, vomiting, abdominal cramps and dehydration . ” The effects vary depending on the microorganism, of the ingested dose and the individual.

People who are more susceptible to these diseases are Maite Pelayo recalls the children, pregnant women, the elderly and individuals with weakened immune systems , so advised to pay special attention to these groups.

Prevention is to establish a plan to control potential hazards and about correct hygiene both in food handling in the conservation thereof, the Silestone Institute summarized in these sanitary measures:  

1. Examine the external appearance of the product by looking that the label contains information regarding ingredients , storage conditions and expiry date.  

2. breaking the cold chain, because at room temperature the bacteria multiply.  

3. Separate raw products cooked to avoid possible transmission of microorganisms through cross – contamination. Do not mix utensils and containers for raw and cooked foods.  

3. Use clean water and wash their hands before handling food.  

4. Clean utensils and surfaces every time a different food is handled, recalling that the manipulator hands are a tool more.  

5. Cooking tortilla curdling the egg well and preferably immediately consume and otherwise cooled.

6. Consume sauces containing raw eggs immediately and prepare hygiene extreme caution.

7. Keep cold very hot and cold drinking the hot, always avoiding warm temperatures.  

8. Cooking food by prolonged treatment at high temperatures (frying, oven, stew, etc.), as are the methods most effective sanitization.  

9. In the case of foods eaten raw such as salads, use other sanitation systems, as few drops of disinfectant for food use in a container of water and a subsequent rinsing.

10. Remember there are cleaning products, tops, refrigerators and even switches having bacteriostatic properties that facilitate the correct hygiene in cooking to prevent microbial growth.

And what happens when we eat out?

Summer is the time of choice for eating out, either on the beach, on picnics, with lunchboxes or coolers.
Although more than half of food poisoning occur in the home, it is necessary to take measures hygienic safety and food preservation for
cookouts , for the Silestone Institute also marks some guidelines:  

1. If there is a field trip or beach with food we take precautions of hygiene and handling .  

2. One of the keys when planning meals for the tour will be the choice of food . Avoid those with high health risk, dispenses with those made with fresh eggs and mayonnaise so it is recommended to use, if necessary, commercial elaborations preferably in mono doses.  

In the case of omelets , egg curdle well ensuring safety temperatures, keep it hot to consumption and if this is not possible, cool and keep cool. Tortillas prepared using commercial pasteurized egg and are safer.  

4. To maintain cold food, use isothermal sealing containers or plastic containers scree type introduced into a bag with zipper isotherm pack. Another option is the classic lunchboxes with dishes, most modern are isotherms, which can introduce hot foods such as meat, sausage or tortilla.

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