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Tips to be in the form of Aitor Leisure: “no we should think only about the ‘bikini operation’, if not a way of life “

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Personal Training and Supply: training method NAVOBC ‘ doblve born of a marriage, the former footballer and coach Aitor Ocio Nacho Villalba, coauthors of the book; and an inseparable as exercise and good nutrition binomial. We spoke to the athlete to learn first hand what the keys are to be fit.

“Needless to Set a goal, the goal should not be the ‘operation bikini’ , because we can be frustrating if we were on the way , ” said Aitor Ocio, which continues to ensure that what we really look for when exercise is that ” because now we live longer, vivámoslos well . So far parents did sport with their children, who are grandparents we pursue those arriving to do with their grandchildren. “

And the ‘ NAVOBC method ‘ in which the book is based ‘personalized training and feeding’ ( for sale in El Corte Ingles ) is nothing more than a formula that combines physical exercise and good nutrition for anyone (yes, anyone, you, me, our mother) can be fully fit . “It ‘s about combining different systems operating for changes in our body, adapting to the characteristics and weights of each person , ” says Aitor Ocio to talk ‘of his book as a ” manual personalized help , within custom that it can be a book, of course. “

You need to have someone you mark the training guidelines that tell you what to do and where to go, adapting exercises to our needs. It’s like when you get home, you need an architect “We recommend the former footballer after Nacho Villalba, staff and co-author of this guide to healthy living Coach, ensure that” This book is like having a personal trainer house, but not physically have it. ” 

Although sport is key to being fit, Aitor Ocio gives even more importance to bring good nutrition , because ” in the end, training spend one or two hours a day, but eat must be done 5 times, and do it right is crucial “. Reflecting that he follows in his proposed book (with examples so that we do not lose between percentages and grams) one based “on carbohydrates low glycemic index, the high – quality protein and unsaturated fat” diet , and in which, although we can book a day of ‘rest’ a week, we forget the ‘little sins’ we make every day, as a sweet untimely spirit … ” These are things that take up little on the plate or hand, but they are calorie bombs that alter us everything , “he recalls.

The former footballer is clear that ” physical activity beyond what you do with your body, improves our head “, and proof of this, he says, “is how many people with long processes of depression out of it through sport” . To overcome laziness , the best trick is to not give up , no matter how tired we are or very bad day we have: “We must break that moment and do something, even a little, even for the shower end.”

And for those who do not practice sports regularly, Aitor Ocio leave us a message that motivates and encourages us: ” you have to believe it’s possible, it’s a way of life that will help us live better longer. Each must find the formula to tone up and look after your heart, and when you find it , do not leave it for next week . “

The fashion and beauty tricks Aitor Ocio

To finish our conversation, which I leave fully animated to devour ‘personalized training and nutrition’ and convinced myself today shoes, get moving and eating right, we ask Aitor Ocio to give us your keys style and beauty. When searching your closet , she says that “although it depends on the occasion, usually my basic jeans and T – shirt or white shirt”; and as a good ambassador for Kiehl’s signature is not a day passes without either care for your skin because “we are constantly exposed to external agents that can harm us.”


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