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Tips to be optimistic

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Confronting positive and hopeful way to what lies ahead the day to day existence, not only it helps to live happier and bring happiness to those around us, but also to live longer, according to recent studies.

Some research at Yale University in Connecticut (USA), suggest that optimism can lengthen existence, even more than other lifestyle factors commonly recommended by doctors, such as exercising, not smoking, drinking sparingly or maintaining controlled blood cholesterol and blood pressure.

But what is the real power of a positive attitude towards life? How should we deal with situations in good spirits when they invite the opposite? Is the optimism born or made? And most important and practical: Can you learn to cultivate a happier mood , to develop that inner energy which “can with everything and everyone”?

In many Eastern and Western cultures, and different philosophical and current traditions mystical, is praised and recommended practice aware of the vital optimism and a positive attitude, as cause and consequence of great wisdom , achieving greater efficiency in the purposes pursued, and significant emotional and mental maturity.

The psychologist Bernabé Tierno, in his book “vital Optimism” has drawn portrait-robot of a person wearing optimism inside, and who should imitate, if you want to live more fully.

Who meet the following characteristics, are happier and able to put “the good face” :.

• Intelligence and perseverance.

The person who cultivates vital optimism keeps waiting attitude that good and rewarding things happen because he understands that the positive developments related to the effort and personal dedication.

Prefers constancy “good luck”.

Much adversity as the “blows of good fortune” are factors outside the person beyond their control. To succeed is preferable to focus on values ​​such as tenacity, enthusiasm, sustained effort and dedication.

• Misfortunes are passengers.

The optimist hopes to overcome adversity, to draw lessons from the blows of life and come out with more experience and happiness and even comforted, any adverse circumstance, even if it is critical and extreme.

• It is better to be practical and realistic.

Follow a clearly defined path, proposed concrete, simple and affordable goals, have “feet on the ground” and know well what we want to achieve, are other “fertilizers” for optimism.

• Live “here today and now.”

You have to be aware that the authentic well-being comes from the most common situations that lie every day, and live and enjoy the present, without worrying about yesterday or tomorrow.

• calmly accept what comes.

Learning to resist and bend without breaking, before the traumas and misfortunes, as with the cane, leaning against the wind but then returns to its initial position, is another key of vital optimism.

To the optimist, the dramatic situations provide an opportunity to grow and become stronger as a person.

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