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Tips to choose the color of nails that best suits you

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Many women we have a favorite nail color all year but when choosing a different tone, what set ourselves? There are no fixed rules. Nails combined with the makeup, the clothes, accessories and, above all, with the mood of the moment.

Coordinate lips and nails creates sophisticated and elegant styles, but not a definitive rule. Fashion shows and ‘it’ girls of the moment show that bring the nude lips and nails painted blue is completely acceptable. And it looks great!

The touch of style depends on
the mood of each of the women who feel passion for always taking her nails to the last.

Sure you have a preferred to use year – round color. It may be a red, cherry or garnet , which are the most customizable colors to wear during all seasons. But when the season changes, and now that spring approaches, you may feel attracted to red, blue or nudes.

And in the euphoria of the summer, when the holidays approach, humor asks you a manicure in fuchsia, green or mauve . Although it is also found that, from time to time, the body will ask vibrant colors to combat gray and chilly winter days themselves.

Be aware your skin tone

At the time of choosing the color of nail polish, pay attention to this detail: the light tones have the effect of nails look longer and, on the other hand, the dark colors visually shorten. So if you do not have a stylized nails, they should opt for light shades and neutral to paint and make them appear more elongated.

Normally natural colors (ivory, white, matt, beige, pink pastel) suit all skin types, but here you put a mini-guide with tips manicure experts as skin color.

Clear skins:  in these white leather look perfect light shades in the range of roses, and even also some models with soft blue flashes.

Pink skins semi-matte or matte:  practically can be any color. This key accepts fine from the darkest to the bright tones.

Olive tone: feel very well the range of red and gold.

Brunettes : warm colors are the most beneficial to them, pastel orange, toffee, the almond, honey and light pink and silver colors.

Black:  their colors are beige, white, royal blue, some brighter colors like red / orange, purple, navy blue or light green.

Signature Manicure OPI has a very educational app to help you when choosing nail color that suits you best among the new collections, change finishes, the shape and length of the nails and much more. In short, everything you need to try to go directly to buy the perfect product. This application works as a virtual reality platform and is available for all iOS gadgets system for free.

Trends for spring-summer 2015

Eclecticism is the word that best defines manicure fashion this season. Virtually all styles are allowed , yes, everything has to wear a ‘twist’ to update it . Clearly the spring and summer seasons impose light and color, but dark shades are also ready to show off the warmth. The black matte or metallic are proposals to bring glamorous this season.

As for the natural tones , they are always trend and this year will not be less. For its versatility and adaptability are highly appreciated to take from morning to night and in all circumstances.

As pastels, also remain a ‘must have’ in manicures.
And the warm and romantic hues that make up the wide
range of pinks and reds . Traditional tones which remain the preferred as wardrobe that never tires.

In the gallery you can see 10 Trends manicure and how designers combine and ‘it’ girls of the moment. 



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