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Tips to improve your quality of life and not gain weight in menopause

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Between 45 and 55 years, the woman goes through a major change since there is a reduction in the production of female sex hormones. Hot flushes, urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, depression … are some of the symptoms of menopause. These effects can be made more bearable by following a healthy lifestyle and having a positive attitude. 

On the occasion of World Day of menopause, the Spanish Association for the Study of Menopause and the Spanish Foundation for the Study of Menopause , with TENA Lady has created the Decalogue prevention to improve the quality of life under the slogan “The prevention is the key “ :

– Stop smoking.

– Reduce alcohol consumption.

– Get regular aerobic exercise.

– Eat a healthy diet.

– Control body weight.

– Engage in mentally stimulating activities.

– Any symptoms of incontinence, seek medical attention.

– Perform regular cancer screening checkups.

– The hormonal treatment of menopause can help control hot flashes and other symptoms and prevent coronary disease.

– Consider specific prevention therapies for other diseases.

During this stage, hormonal and lifestyle changes generate stress situations that lead to eat more and gain weight to 6%, a fact that can be controlled with a healthy diet and physical activity.

Follow a balanced diet rich in vegetables is essential to meet the caloric needs of the body as well as the plant foods are highly satiating. 

The osteoporosis is one of the diseases that women face with the onset of menopause due to loss of bone density. To prevent foods rich in calcium is recommended as dairy, whole fish, vegetables …


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