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Tips to keep skin healthy during pregnancy

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During pregnancy , both the woman ‘s body as your skin suffer modifications . Changes in the appearance of the skin during pregnancy is mainly due to hormonal load and distention caused by increased volume.
The hormones cause a depletion of the secretion of the sebaceous glands which results in increased skin dryness. The main changes in the skin caused by the increased volume of stretch marks are pregnant.

There are
different reasons why you should care for the skin during pregnancy. The most compelling reason why you should care for the skin during pregnancy is by
stretch marks . Once they appear is very difficult to remove so it is better to prevent their occurrence.

Stretch marks are elongated marks that appear on the skin.
At first, they are pink or purplish but eventually they become clearer to become whitish. To prevent its occurrence is necessary to use any of the
specific products developed for it. These specialized products are primarily intended to increase skin elasticity and distensibility of the skin.

In addition to the grooves is the most frequent change, the case occurs in some women posing in a kind of skin patches brown or yellow around the eyes and on the cheeks and nose.
In this case we are dealing with a
chloasma , although colloquially known as “pregnancy mask”.

 Another of the most common skin disorders pregnant are the appearance of small red dots with star –
shaped radiation. Skin markings are called
angiomas stellar and usually disappear after delivery.

Pregnant women should be patient because the skin changes will be given during every month of gestation.
Being attentive and giving it to those alterations of the best care, it is not impossible to look healthy and cared skin.

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