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The key to happiness we all wish to have in your pocket, really exists, but we do not find because we look in the wrong place outside of us : in people, objects, scenarios and countless circumstances of the outside world.

The right place where there is more chance of discovering the mythical key or “formula for happiness” is very close, within us , which throbs a natural and profound wisdom, which is beyond the changes and external storms .

Here are some strategies and easy resources to achieve and maintain this vital experience of fullness , which offers personal growth expert and psychologist, Maria Campos Olivas :

• Become aware of your progress . Perhaps you are not aware of the progress and positive situations that occur daily in your life, and are a powerful stimulus to feel comfortable with you. You go unnoticed because they do not pay attention to them.

To bring them to light, lucid yourself every night these questions: What has happened magic, special or significant throughout the day? What I have progressed today? ¿ What I have learned and how it has benefited me what today has not come out as you wanted? And you will be surprised rejoice! responses .

• Make tourism in yourself . To be well with others must be well with oneself. Have you forgotten how to be alone with your thoughts or are accustomed to others think about you? ¿You shun silence and solitude, looking for something to distract you? Without a true self – knowledge of your skills, needs and constraints it is very difficult to make progress and be happy.

Think about the aspects of your character and help you move that slow you. Find out if you cling to a lifestyle for fear of the new and if there are aspects of your personality that your present condition .

• “Everything is possible”. Repeat this idea “friend” and gradually limiting patterns that live within your innermost beliefs dissolve. You can wake up tomorrow and feel that something very subtle and no return has turned your life.

It is possible that during the day you have ahead happen something that changes your adventure internal. It can also happen that in fact no apparent importance to open your heart and feelings sprout expansion erase old boundaries. Even the most unusual can happen. There is something profound that takes your requests and supports. Trust your own personal miracle.

• No failures or defeats . Any identification of your own self with the success or failure is reduced all your being a part of you. Say “I am this or that, or this or that way , supposed to reduce you , limit you , hold you .

Are not you not much more than that vision cut yourself? In addition, the same event can interpret a person as a success and a failure to assume another, while achieving a goal can be a source of pride and a valuable learning not reach.

Instead of alternately identify with the achievements and frustrations, agree that both are masters of soul and draws on the lessons that involve both experiences and no one escapes.


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