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Tips to look stylish with your outfits with dark garments

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Dark clothing is a must in our wardrobe season after season. Just it does not just enough to create perfect looks: to look stylish black garments those gray, navy, brown or, it is essential to be in good condition. We give you a few ideas of how to combine them and also some good advice care hand Woolite.

If there is a color that can not fail in our closet, that’s the black … and all ‘new blacks’, like navy, brown or gray. These dark tones are trend every season, therefore they have become a ‘must’ background timeless wardrobe. Very easy to combine and versálites are perfect for almost any occasion (the difference the mark-ins with the luzcamos) and further enhance and stylize our figure.

4 looks ‘wildcard’ in dark tones:

1. First, you can never miss in your wardrobe a LBD , this black dress that fits all and, depending on the occasion and how you combine them , you get many different looks with a single garment.

2. To go to the office dark colors are also perfect, since they convey elegance, safety and a formal touch yet sophisticated. A male type pants or a skirt pencil combined with a white blouse, a blazer and heels, and you have a perfect styling like this:

3. If you want to go comfortably, but also squandering style, nothing like a look ‘comfy’ with a good ‘warm’ mohair or cashmere sweater, those who seem to embrace you, and you can combine, for example , with jeans ‘Boyfriend’ and slippers.

4. And finally,
a look cañero ‘rock’ inspiration for the evening leather pants and a few bright accessories with a top lencero, … and be the queen of the track!

Just it does not just enough to have the tendency clothes or wardrobe to create a look ‘dark’ perfect : your clothes should always look as new to achieve the desired effect. Dark clothing tends to wear out over time and washing, looking ‘old’ straight away if you do not care for it properly. Therefore, we must be careful and keep it with care. 

First, we must have a perfectly organized closet , placed by color ranges, garments and fabrics to prevent chafe and wear garments over the account. In addition, we keep good clothes when we make ‘seasonal change’ in the locker room , keeping it away from sources of dust, heat or moisture. And something fundamental: Record yourself on fire next to the washer that what your mother always insisted you that you had to separate the clothes by color before doing the laundry.

In addition to follow to the letter the washing instructions label, you should use appropriate products for each type of clothing. For dark clothes, for example, our infallible trick has its own name: Woolite Darks , getting that black clothes, dark blue, brown, gray … stay for several seasons as fresh from the store,  ready in our closet ( ordered!) to be the protagonists of those looks that make us feel safe with ourselves, elegant, sophisticated and, why not, very seductive.

In addition, Woolite Darks gives the users a discount coupon Mujerhoy.com 2 € to buy it and start putting these tips. Download it here !

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