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Tips to make up your face on rainy days

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Today it begins to rain in several regions of the country, but not for this we will stop worrying about how we look. So you do not end up with the mascara by the neck, check out these tips.

We know that waterproof makeup is usually more rude to our skin, especially because we
need to insist a little more time to remove it . But some basic that you must have, but do not use every day, for rainy days.

1. mascara waterproof: We recommend that you use it only when it will rain or when they are doing a sport that generates sweat. These masks usually last several hours, but when it comes to clean your eyes do not get with delicadesa flangeless.
2. Forget the liquid base: This base rate tends to melt with rain, and unloads in the blink of an eye. Try some mousse or bases based powder.
3. More makeup:He insists basecoats and blush that you apply on your face, because if you are exposed to rain is likely, however much effort you make something out.
4. Lip stick: Leave home shine or liquid lipsticks, and chooses lipstick bar. Avoid that you dirty the rest of the face, which you run, or dirty your hair because of the wind.
5. Powder on the lips: Before applying lipstick, be sure to apply powder or a little foundation on the lips. This way you ensure longer.

So you know, that approaching storms do not ruin your look.

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