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Tips to relieve excess skin itching in atopy – Pharmacy Mail – Todo Dermo

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Monday November 27 is celebrated World Day of atopy , a disease that, as reminds TodoDermo Raul de Lucas, Head of Section of Dermatology, University Hospital La Paz, “is very prevalent in our environment since suffering 20 percent of the population. ” According to their data, ” 90 percent of those affected suffer symptoms in the first year of life, although most pictures in these patients are mild .” White Llácer, pharmaceutical in Benidorm and Alicante vice – treasurer of COF adds that ” it is the most common skin disease during this time of life.”

  • Patient profile is that with a genetic predisposition or family history of asthma, rhinitis or food allergies personal or

This disease has been growing in the population over time. The reason for this increase “may be related to lifestyle, hygiene, increased maternal age, pollution, smoking … so being a complex and multifactorial disease prevention is complicated , ” warns Cristina Vega, Community pharmaceutical in Barcelona and member of the Spanish Society of Dermatology Family and Community Pharmacy (Sefac). In this regard Llácer notes that “can take some measures to prevent its occurrence as always maintain physiological natural state of the skin to preserve its skin barrier function through products suitable hygiene and proper hydration and emolliency of skin “.

As you remember the experts consulted, atopy may begin to appear from the infant age. ” It usually starts to appear 2 to 6 months and after 2 years when it begins to disappear but nevertheless, there are still cases of atopic dermatitis in childhood and remains in adulthood ” Llácer points. According to the pharmaceutical, “it is estimated that 10 percent of patients who have suffered at a young age continues to suffer demonstrations throughout his life.” It is also important to know that “the profile of patients with this disease is that with a genetic predisposition or family history of asthma, rhinitis or food allergies or personal history , ” says Vega.

Atopic diseases what are they and how are your injuries?

Lucas considered that atopic dermatitis is the first event in a group of diseases called atopic stain and is one of the diseases that fall within the concept of atopic triad. Also, the pathologies encompassed within the concept of atopy known as atopic triad explains Sefac member, in which also find rhinoconjunctivitis and allergic asthma.

  • “Always very short showers or baths, warm water and mild soaps are acosejan”

These diseases can cause different patient injury. “In atopic dermatitis impaired skin barrier that causes the skin occurs lose water and therefore is rough, dry and irritating being more permeable, leading to inflammation appear , ” says dermatologist at the Hospital La Paz. In addition, it can manifest itself in various forms “in babies and infants usually affects the cheeks, neck and surface extension, and older children appears on the surface bending. When an itch occurs, patients may have lesions from scratching “argues Sefac member.

Urea and laureth 6.5, emollients to relieve itching

In acute outbreaks can be applied moisturizers and emollients which themselves can soothe the itch. Among the most effective assets to relieve itching “are Ichthyol, cromolyn sodium, corticosteroids and certain vegetable oils”, as noted Llácer. Moreover, they are also used urea and laureth 6.5s as “constitute a very favorable combination frequently used in hygiene products due to wetting and moisturizing action of urea and anesthetic action of laureth 6.5, also known as polidocano” Add. Vega notes that it is first necessary to apply hygiene products and, after drying and the still wet skin hydration products.

Once completed the outbreak, if the patient has scratched often left marks on the skin . For these lesions, Lucas suggests using “corticosteroids or modulators and try to patients with fingernails short and clean. If a scrape with skin irritation may be used antiseptics and topical antibiotics. “

Therefore, they are recommended “formulations containing as major components and repairers regenerators as Centella asiatica or urea suitable to exert keratolytic action without irritation or sensitivity reactions concentrations. Once the outbreak highlights moisturizing and emollient such as urea, allantoin, glycerine and oat extracts “ , says Llácer.

appropriate clothing to prevent itching

TodoDermo consulted by experts considered important that the patient avoid wool, synthetic fibers, and the roll neck internal clothing tags, which can increase body temperature and increasing hotness. Therefore, as far as possible “they will be recommended cotton or natural fibers such as linen or silk, loose, without labels or thick seams that rub against the skin, especially for pajamas and sheets “. When washing clothes, “mild detergents and should be clarified well” be used.

Bathrooms to avoid itching

As for the bathroom of patients, according to vice – treasurer of the COF of Alicante, “always showers or very short showers, warm water and use mild soaps that respect the skin barrier and which are not aggressive or deslipidizantes recommended” . In addition, “it is recommended to use humidifiers in the home that increase the humidity in the room preventing the skin is so dry.” Calzada adds that ” the use of glycerin in lotions is beneficial as it is an alcohol with moisturizing and protective properties, which attracts and retains water, so helping to retain moisture in the skin.” Regarding soybean oil or avocado, “are rich in fatty acids such as linolenic, deficits in some patients with atopic dermatitis and which are essential to maintaining the skin barrier, forming part thereof, as they are precursors of prostaglandins and leukotrienes, which are key inflammatory and immunological reactions of these patients. “

Finally, De Lucas believes that “the pharmacy is very important to help patients with these characteristics point”. The work of the pharmacist “is well trained to know the disease, to increase adherence”. From his point of view, it is essential that pharmacists “are formed through talks, guidelines and protocols at the pharmacy and to help the patient to overcome doubts and know the skin care”.

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