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Tips to sleep well during pregnancy

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During the nine months of pregnancy, your body undergoes a real hormonal, physical and psychological revolution. Weight gain, growth of the belly and chest, we add a few internal changes, but do not see, are there. One of them is the alteration of sleep routines. Because if we thought that these would affect only us when our baby not let us sleep more than two hours each night, we were very wrong. 

At cramps, back pain, or swelling of legs and feet, must be added the increased relaxin, a hormone that makes pregnant have less stability. In addition, l renal function also increases , so the need to urinate more often, especially in recent weeks, when the baby grows, the uterus enlarges and increases the pressure on the bladder; the digestive system works more slowly, causing heartburn ; and increases heart rate by increased ‘demand’ blood from the uterus. Fears and insecurities pre-partum , whether or not we gilts, also remove us sleep more than one night.

With this ‘fatal’ mix for our break, what can we do?

The Decalogue for a healthy break ‘for everyone’  must be added, in the case of pregnant women, a number of points:

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