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Tips to strengthen the immune system this winter

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With the arrival of cold we are exposed to resfriarnos and other diseases that can lead winter complicated and triggering something more serious.
There are different ways to strengthen our immune system, such as having certain nutritional care and rely on nature through homeopathic products. We talked to Maria Elena Rudolphi, homeopath and product manager of Pharmacy Knop , who gave us some tips to protect this season. 1. Propolis
n Chile has had a boom and during this time is highly sought after by those who want to prevent colds. “The propolis can be preventive. It is a bitter resin that prevents bacteria from multiplying

 or other agents such as fungi, it acts as a barrier that bees use to protect their hive , “Rudolphi explained.

Ideally ,
take it once a day during the morning, either tablets or pellets.
To already be with any symptoms of colds can take two to three times a day , which helps you recover faster.
2. Echinacea
The echinacea , also known as echinacea, is a plant that also strengthens our immune system.

Its active ingredients to prepare the organism when they
arrive infectious agents, thus the body has a greater number of white blood cells to defend themselves.
In addition , the specialist explained that “shortens the period of convalescence, so a cold can mean something very short and uncomplicated.”
3. Homeopathic Vaccines

are referred to
as oral vaccines and are part of the deals that homeopathy has. They are composed of diluted homeopathic products. In general, they are given to people who are more vulnerable, such as asthmatics and the elderly.
“What they do is activate the non – specific immune system. It is recommended to take them once a month for three or four months in which the greatest temperature changes occur , “explains Rudolphi. For children the ideal is that consumption is indicated by the pediatrician.

immunea way that we eat also says a lot about our health, it is for this reason that Dr.  Jaime Garcia Biron , Clinical Nutritionist Avansalud explained how we should eat to strengthen our immune system.
First, the specialist said that “all foods provide different types of vitamins and nutrients. You need to have a proper meal schedule , we must not let the body is without food for longer than four hours. ”
1. Proteins:
They have to be provided by lean meats such as turkey, chicken and fish. It can also be for milk and low – fat dairy such as yogurt and cheese. The egg is also another source of protein. This food group is essential to strengthen our immune system.
2. Carbohydrates

This group gives us energy and thus helps our defenses.
They may be present in our diet through foods like pasta, potatoes and rice.
Dr. Garcia recommends that “are cooked al dente to avoid problems of overweight or increases blood sugar.”
3. Fats

should be consumed moderately but are necessary.
The ideal is to combine animal fats terrestrial marine animal origin. It is also necessary to consume vegetable fats which are present in products such as avocado and olives.

4. Plants

In the case of plants have to choose colors and assorted consistencies.
“The tomato has a good protective effect of beta – carotene which is vitamin A , it is also the case of chard, spinach, carrots, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, onions and garlic, which are substances that stimulate the proper functioning of the white blood cells and the immune system , “explains the doctor.

It is very important that you consider that
if you’re going on a diet to lose weight is dictated by a specialist because diets that one imposed without knowledge is dangerous because it can lower immunity.
Drink plenty of fluids and try to do sports on a daily basis. On the other hand, avoid temperature changes also will help maintain a strong and healthy immune system all year.

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