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Tips to take care of makeup brushes, by Isabel Bruna

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Makeup brushes are an investment, so they last , you must look after them . In case you did not know, brushes should be washed. They traces of makeup and dust accumulate. They are in direct contact with your skin for optimal performance and should be kept clean.
makeup brushesSynthetic hair brushes, which are generally used to apply cream products and natural hair brushes, or having a percentage of this type of hair and used for powdered products, must be cleaned in the same way.
Pon 1/3 for washing water at normal temperature and a few drops of liquid soap or shampoo neutral bus in a vessel or similar container.A foam is created. Enter your brushes upside down, ie the handles are facing up. It is essential that water does not reach the part of metal or wood. Keep them there about 5 to 10 minutes. One by one, supports the part of the hair brush on the palm of your hand and rub gently. If you ‘re still with makeup, add a little more soap or shampoo in your hand. Supports the bristles of the brush and repeat. Then rinse them until the water runs clear and removes excess water down the hair gently down following the shape of the brush.

How often you wash them?
If you maquillas every day, ideally done once a week; If you use them only on weekends, I advise you to do it every 15 days.

Brushes you used to delinearte gel or lip makeup advise you clean them
with a cloth dipped in eye makeup remover cotton. It’s easy and fast.

To keep their shape,
set them lying horizontally next to each other without abut each other, on a piece of nova towel or towel small bath on a flat surface , always ensuring that the brush head is free ( outside the perimeter of the surface) to avoid losing the way.

Do not use hair dryer as Air force can deform.
In summer in two to four hours will be dry. In winter you need much more time.

It should be
in an enclosed case that is of a size that its structure is not deformed. Otherwise, it can also be in a bottle is protected from dust.

If you had not washed you’ll never feel the softest brushes and colors of your products you will be most pure in your skin because it will
not be mixed with other colors and textures.

Isabel Bruna  is one of two specialists blog makeup  Makeup Insiders.  Check your other columns in biut  here .

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