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Tips to take care of the skin of your hands

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In this article we tell you that treatment, care and products should use for beautiful hands. Follow our tips and get it.

kit mothers handsYou have not heard many times that hands can reveal the age of a person more than any part of the body? This may sound formulaic drawer, but unfortunately it’s true. Both the skin of the hands and the arms have the ability to tell how young you are, or Who has not seen that someone is moving the forearm skin when it bounces? The skin of these areas is generally neglected and aging begin to spots, wrinkles and sagging occur. Paradoxically, the hands are a part of the body exposed daily and therefore under constant observation.

Hands have a very thin and sensitive skin, so it is important to
provide the necessary care that must be the same that apply on the face, neck and chest.

But do not worry there is nothing good care can not solve.


As skin ages it
is normal smudging, the most important thing in this regard is to try to prevent them ; However, and fortunately, in the market there are excellent treatments for when spots are already installed on the skin. In addition, natural extracts such as calendula, help reduce, eliminate them or leave them almost unnoticeable. Bear in mind always that sun exposure exacerbates any kind of stain, ie use sunscreen on your hands, it’s not a crazy idea; It is something you should do every day.

Dehydration is caused by water loss in the skin and this in turn causes dryness.
Therefore, it is important to moisturize and moisturize your hands daily and you take plenty of water are recommended 8 glasses of water a day or the equivalent of one liter minimum.

When you do housework to put your hands in contact with aggressive detergents and soaps for the skin, it
is important to wear gloves to care for and protect your hands.

We know that hot water is excellent for removing fat from the dishes and surfaces, but is very harmful to the skin of hands.
Better not expose skin to high temperatures, it is preferable to intermediate temperatures or cold water.

If you
do not moisturise your hands every day you will be giving accommodate dryness; In addition, your skin will lose all elasticity, shine and health.

Try not to
use soaps too aggressive for the skin. they damage and dry out your skin. You should also dry your hands gently.

microdermabrasion hands is a procedure that helps restore the elasticity of the skin, prevent and remove spots and improves the wetting, as it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. ( See the promotion of our team microdermabrasion, promotion valid only for the month of May ).

This procedure may be performed to treat pigmented and vascular lesions, skin photo any aging.

We’ve talked about the benefits of
exfoliation in previous articles. Exfoliate the skin of your hands is important to remove contaminants, remove dead cells and promote the creation of new.

Shea, almond oil, collagen and elastin are excellent compounds that help your skin to regain or maintain softness, elasticity, moisture and nutrition to the skin.
Compounds such as hyaluronic acid help prevent and eliminate the signs of aging.

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Gloves Anti – aging mask for hands , rich in shea butter, almond oil and hyaluronic acid. This product restores vitality, moisture, softness and retards aging of your hands. ( See promotion kit containing gloves mothers hands and feet Anti – aging and anti – wrinkle patches. Offer valid only for the month of May ).

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