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Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin In Cold Weather

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The change of season is particularly stressful for our skin. The cold air is also drier, results: tugging, dry skin, but sometimes eczema or acne … Taking care of your skin in cold weather is essential to preserve all its beauty, but also a certain comfort. Here are our 10 tips and tricks for keeping a beautiful skin in cold weather:

Drink a lot: It has been said and repeated and you have probably already read and read … but it shows how much this advice is not always well respected! Moisturize your skin, it goes mainly through the inside; It is therefore important to respect the 1.5 L daily water recommended (about 6-8 glasses of water).

Eat the right foods: and yes, some foods will help to better preserve the skin’s moisture. Choose foods full of antioxidants (vitamin C, vitamin E …) or omega 3 such as fish, dried fruits, avocado, sweet potatoes, olive oil. They will improve the hydration of the skin from the outside and protect the lipid barrier of the skin.
Change your facial skincare routine: hydration of the face is not at all neglected in cold weather. Use an ultra-nourishing day cream and night cream. Well-nourished skin will be less vulnerable to irritation and redness. Plus: add a moisturizing and nourishing serum to your morning routine. Applied before the day cream, it will deeply moisturize the skin.
Avoid too hot showers:
Yes, it’s tempting to take hot showers to warm up when it’s cold outside. Except that your skin will appreciate a lot less. In fact, too hot a water could damage the lipid barrier of the skin and in the long term, it may lose its hydration more easily. Try to take hot showers (but not hot) and have them last a little shorter (ideally not longer than 15 minutes).

Hydrate the body … after the shower: since we are talking about a shower, moisturize your skin with a body care ideally out of the shower, when the skin is still slightly wet. Your care will penetrate more easily. This step is not to neglect: with the friction of clothing, the skin of the body tends to be dry and therefore more likely to be more uncomfortable.

Keep your hands dry the hands are one of the most exposed parts to the external elements. Make it a habit to moisturize your hands as often as possible with special hand care products for greater efficiency. And your feet: After pampering them all summer, do not forget to take care of your feet during the fall and winter. Use a rich cream and scrub a week. This will get rid of dead skin; thus, moisturizing creams will penetrate more easily.

Attention to scrubs: Attention, to reduce the risk of irritation, avoid using body scrubs or face too astringent. It is also advisable to reduce the frequency, because these products can irritate the skin when they are used too often.
Choose your care: Shower gels, make-up removers, moisturizing creams. Avoid as much as possible products that contain too much perfume, coloring or alcohol. These substances may dry out the skin even more. Emphasize products with high moisturizing power.
Do not overheat the house: It can be a reflex when it’s cold. However, you must be careful not to overheat your interior, because the air will be drier and dry the skin accordingly. Acquiring a humidifier can fix this problem.
Protect your skin with sunscreen: What? Sunscreen in winter? And yes: for mountain vacation aficionados, do not forget to protect your skin with sunscreen. The reverberation of sunlight by the snow is very important and it can be harmful for the skin.

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