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Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin

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Unbalanced diet, tobacco, alcohol, sun, cold, makeup, stress, etc. All these elements make our skin becomes damaged, dull and without splinters! But who would not like to have a soft, fresh skin that breathes health? We women, we collect collectible beauty products while emptying our wallet, but we often forget these small “simple” everyday actions that can bring new life to our skin. Follow our tips to take care of your skin and you will be more than satisfied!


This is the number 1 rule! if you want to take care of your skin properly, you must clean it properly, morning and evening.

In the morning, to remove dead cells, traces of sebum and perspiration accumulated during the night.

In the evening, be sure to cleanse yourself to remove impurities from the skin and let it breathe.

Use a mild cleanser or make-up remover that is suitable for your skin type. Using a cotton pad, gently massage while doing circular movements.

Also avoid rubbing the eye area because it is a very fragile and sensitive part of the face, so be sure to gently moisturize it. Then wipe your face thoroughly with a soft towel.


To have a beautiful skin, you must bet on hydration. After cleansing your skin, you must moisturize it to promote the regeneration of cells and protect the skin from external aggressions (pollution, toxins, sebum, etc …).

Do not forget that you must moisturize your skin morning and evening, in the morning by applying a day care and evening using a moisturizer adapted to your skin type and especially through a night care.


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