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Tips, tricks and care to protect children from the sun this summer 2014

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1. Child Age: To begin we must keep in mind that babies under six months should not be exposed to direct sunlight. They must always be protected, so it is best to choose the evening or early morning hours to walk. In addition, you can use bonnets, umbrellas or muslin to protect your child from sunlight. Respects to protective creams note that babies tend to put their hands and feet in their mouths, so they could swallow it .

2. Specific Creams: In the market you will find many products for the smallest of the house. Sure they are hypoallergenic and have been adequately tested for pediatric use. In addition, it is advisable that are resistant to water and rubbing for young explorers. 

3. Other filters: Sunscreen can supplement it with other filters such as textiles: caps, scarves, shirts, umbrellas or canopies are very effective in protecting the delicate skin of children and are particularly suitable for babies. When they are older, do not hesitate to bring them clothes bath as they will have guaranteed permanent sun protection and new fabrics dry quickly and are very flexible and comfortable for small movements.

4. Applying cream: Carefully read the instructions for use of the cream you use for your children so you know how often must renew it . You have to apply generally between half an hour or an hour before sun exposure and renew it every two or three hours. It is also very important to apply carefully without letting any area: pay attention to the ears, nose or instep of the foot and the head you your son or daughter has a little thick hair or if you’ve parted ( with two pigtails or two braids), since that area is completely exposed to the sun. 

5. Shelf Life: Please note that cosmetic products also have expiration date and may lose their effectiveness. To be sure, check the expiration date on the package before application. The only way you ‘re guaranteed the protection indicated by the producer. If you have not yet exceeded the expiration date, but check out the cream is shabby, cracked or ‘cut’ must also be discarded. 

6. Care Eye Both water and sand reflect UV radiation paya, so that, as we protect the skin, we must protect our children’s eyes. In addition, the chlorine in pools or sea salt and impurities can create other eye problems. So, the best use homologated sunglasses, always checking that comply with current European regulations, and glasses diving into the water. 

7. Hours:
Even if you follow all these tips and tricks  to ensure skin health of your children, it is best to stay in the shade as long as possible, especially between 12 noon and four p.m. . You must also take into account the temperature to avoid heat stroke, periodically refreshing your little ones.

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