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To advise an anti-wrinkle, it is not necessary to talk about age but about needs – Pharmacist Post – Todo Dermo

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There is no age to associate use of wrinkle creams. “We can they find a person that hydrates and protects the skin from the sun every day with a less aged than another person younger skin, and users who only have wrinkles pronounced so they would need a specific anti – wrinkle product, whether youth, instead of a moisturizing or nourishing cream , “said Cristina Castillo, pharmaceutical and product manager antiaging Laboratories Avène, during the Workshop a Flor de Piel , organized by CF in collaboration with this cosmetic laboratory and held at the headquarters of the newspaper , in Madrid.

Therefore recommended that pharmacists assistants: ” It is important to analyze the skin, talk to your tastes and consumer needs to adapt to maximize our recommendation.”

In his opinion, it is advisable to implement this because it is a way to increase sales in these products. For PhysioLift, the new range antiaging Avene, tested invited to the workshop, she acts “smoothing deep wrinkles, filling the deep furrows and strengthening skin structure to look firmer and brighter skin.”

products line are formulated by a trio of patented active: the ascofilina, which stimulates the synthesis of collagen type I and IV; monooligómeros hyaluronic acid, inducing the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid, and retinaldehyde, the reactive vitamin A.

The new range made up of two day care, Physiolift cream emulsion, smoothing the skin and provide a facelift cosmetic effect, and night care; Physiolift balm, which also incorporates hesperidin methyl chalcone, to decongest and detoxify the skin; Physiolift eye contour, with dextran sulfate, and Physiolif precision, to fill directly deeper wrinkles.

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