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To sleep! Tips for your children to rest well at night

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After the summer, when the endless afternoons and balmy evenings invited to stroll taking an ice cream and staying up late, children are reluctant to go to bed before even having to get up early the next day to go to school. 

It is best to gradually adapting time to go to sleep and a set of routines that help us get the time to turn off the light without cries or protests. It takes time, but it is important to do so because, otherwise, the routine will be a daily conflict and as natural as going to bed to rest becomes a punishment. 

With routines, we must strive to create an enjoyable experience that takes us step by step towards the desired end with rest. We will propose a formula that you can adapt to your needs or preferences. 

Bathroom: The bathroom is an activity related to the closure of the day. The child who takes all day doing various activities and playing, bathing limpito bedtime. Although it is a time you can also play interesting finish in a relaxed manner and can take advantage hydration to give a light massage to calm him.

Dinner: Dinner should be a quiet family time during which you can chat about how the day went, that was the best and what we have enjoyed. You can also plan the next day. 

Remember that it’s time: before sending them to bed directly can remind you about bedtime. Thus, they are recognizing every moment and relate the activities they do with bedtime.

Routine activities: You know that bedtime is near because you remembered it. From now on , what do you relate to that point, so you can brush your teeth, put on pajamas, drinking water, peeing or prepare the backpack and clothes for the next day.

The story: For bedtime is not a ‘goodbye and closing’ sudden, you can choose together a story that you like and once you are lying down, read it. It is a positive and relaxing experience that also foster their love for reading . If the child is older, he can read for a few minutes. Parents should monitor the time and the time to turn off the light to go to his room to say goodnight and tell it is time to sleep.

Chat: Once you have closed the book comes time to say goodbye. You can do chatting about what will be the next day, what will you do than what you hope good. This will be left with a good feeling and wanting to sleep to arrive all the good things that await you the next day. 

Turn off the light: Children should sleep with the light off. You can do it or are they themselves the off. However, there are children who develop fear of the dark. In these cases it is possible to leave a faint point of light in the room until gradually overcome that fear.  

When they are not tired

Younger children tend to nap and sometimes are so long that when bedtime comes, really, are not tired, so put them to bed is a real odyssey as rise on numerous occasions, they call their parents and show fully awake and active. 

In these cases it is best to reduce the nap time in ten minutes each day to gradually get used to the new schedule. So in a few days, napping be of reasonable duration and the child will arrive tired at night after spending the afternoon playing and doing different activities. 

There are also children fighting sleep as if it were an enemy, even if they are tired make every effort to delay the time to go to sleep, testing the patience of parents. In these cases, it is essential to maintain routines and be firm on the standards set while the merits of the child are recognized when getting to bed alone and without protest, for example, or to praise him in the morning after sleeping all night without getting up out of bed. 

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