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To the office, with style: 10 keys and tips for a perfect ‘working girl’ look

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Demasido or ‘short’ or too ‘tight’. Without falling into the ‘complete sport’, but that does not seem to go to a party. Made up, but not excessively. Heels yes, but you can walk comfortably. And eye with jeans and ‘casual Friday’. How to choose your looks to go to the office is not as easy as it sounds, and make ‘rookie mistakes’ is much more common than we think. 

Aware of the problem posed to thousands of women in the mornings when put in front of the closet, Rebeca Avila has created ‘Working Outfits ‘, a website with professional advice on key fashion outfits hit with our office. And this Decalogue of ideas will save you more than a headache every day …

Know the ‘dress code’ of your business and dress according to your schedule, context and career goals.

2. Plan your work looks . If you can, ideally a ‘weekly organization’, but if you see it impossible, at least let the clothes prepared by the nocge, before going to bed.

3. Always be prepared in the closet a few looks wildcard you ‘save’ those gray days when you do not look good with anything (or that you are 200 per hour).

4. Invest in a good wardrobe in which no lack basic quality garments to which you give much use throughout your professional life as a tailor suit, a blazer, a coat of halftime, some stilettos, a shirt white or a pencil skirt. 

5. Use the colors (and symbols) to reinforce your career goals: white conveys serenity, confidence and security; orange dynamism and movement; green, growth and professional maturity …

6. Know yourself well and strengthen your strengths, identifies shapes and cuts that best fit you according to your silhouette and choose the colors that suit you. Of course, avoiding the worst enemies of the image, such as inadequate carvings, garments or damaged or outdated accessories.

7. Less is more: it is the golden rule for people with style.

8. Natural makeup.

At work always opt for a natural makeup to produce the desired effect good face.

9. Everything communicates, so it pays always attention to the choice of accessories, hair, makeup, manicure and attitude.

Always add your personal touch , either a color, an accessory, a “combination type ‘a fetish garment …

And you choose how your office looks?

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