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Tobacco and obesity, risk factors of hidradenitis – Pharmacist Post – Todo Dermo

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Patients with hidrosadenitis a skin disease that affects the hair follicles in the skin , can better manage this condition a healthy lifestyle. So what point the experts consulted by TodoDermo. To do this, “advised to stop smoking and controlling cardiovascular risk factors such as diabetes and obesity because it reduces outbreaks , ” explains Javier García Martínez, a dermatologist at the Hospital del Sureste in Madrid. Garcia said that these people also have to avoid moisture and friction between skin folds. To disseminate this kind of information, both health professionals and the rest of the population, the Association of Patients with hidradenitis (Asendhi) in collaboration with Abbvie have launched the campaign More than a pintail . Some of the actions of the initiative are an underground line 6 Madrid which runs daily with information about the disease , and web www.hidrosadenitis.es , “through which patients can perform a test to assess your symptoms “says Garcia.

The association notes that 85 percent of the population does not know what the hidrosandenitis : “This is why we launched this initiative in an environment like Metro de Madrid, for which every day spend thousands of people , ” said Silvia Lobo, president of the Asendhi. In prevalence, Garcia recalled that a more typical pathology of puberty and women though she says: ” We started to see that the gender difference is not so marked and that the age of onset may be later start.”

For diagnosis from the pharmacy , the specialist warns that the key is in the consultations abscesses are repeat offenders : “You have to pay attention to those located in the groin and armpits. Odor and pain can also motivate many questions to pharmacists. “



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