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Transplant patients are more at risk of skin conditions – Pharmacy Post – Todo Dermo

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Patients who undergo a transplant live a long process from diagnosis of the disease, donation and post – operatively. The immune system is weakened and the skin, which acts as a first barrier against external agents, becomes more sensitive. As a result, increased infections and leads to the appearance of acne, warts, herpes, hematomas, hirsutism (hair growth) and tumors , as stated in the Guide to the transplant recipient of the National Federation of Associations for the Fight Against Kidney Disease Salamanca(Alcer Salamanca). As indicated herein, acne is a disease associated with renal patients and usually occurs during the weeks posttransplant due to the effect of steroids. “These patients have a regime of severe immunosuppression which facilitates superinfection or skin reactivation of certain germs, such as human papillomavirus (HPV), herpes virus , and occasionally bacterial growth that can cause an outbreak of acne” explains Jaime Vilar, a dermatologist at the University Hospital Doctor Negrin of Gran Canaria in Las Palmas and member of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV).

  • Kidney transplants and bone marrow are the most affecting the skin.

Organ transplants, and not the tissue, increases the possibility of developing skin cancer nonmelanoma : “The combination of immunosuppressant with ultraviolet radiation generates more aggressive and prone to the occurrence of malignant lesions. In addition, the skin carcinoma present in these people has a more aggressive and faster growth. ” According to Vilar, the risk is higher in patients with a clear phototype and previous sun exposure.

Dermatological problems depend on the type of transplant, although Vilar points out that most affect the skin are the kidney and bone marrow: “While kidney transplants are very common HPV and an increased incidence of skin cancer does not melanoma, in bone marrow appear viral and fungal infections. ”

Photoprotection transplant patient
To reduce the risk of cuataneo cancer, as well as modifying the inmunosupreosa therapy, Vilar warns that sun protection is key: ” It is important to emphasize the need for education of the patient undergoing transplant in sun protection measures as well as the use of photoprotective creams. This training should already start in the pretransplant period and remembered during subsequent periodic visits. ”
In the summer months, Alcer Salamanca, in their campaigns, advises reducing sun exposure and always be first thing in the morning or at dusk.

The manual immunosuppression in transplant recipients of the Community of Madrid these tips for skin care include:
neutral soap. Wash two or three times a day with a mild soap to prevent infections that result in an outbreak of acne. If ever developed, Alcer Salamanca commitment coconut soap.
Hair. Wash your hair frequently and opt for neutral products.
combs and brushes. All grooming utensils must be unique patient.
Hydrate. Use a good moisturizer to reduce dry skin and strengthen it .
Nails. Keep short and clean to prevent the spread of infectious agents nails.
Clothing. Besides sunscreen, this guide recalls the use of thick, dark clothes that protect skin from the sun. To which Alcer Salmanca adds the use of gloves and safety elements to prevent sports injuries or household activities such as gardening.

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