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Treat enlarged pores in mature skin – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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The pores of our skin have a physiological function, but all have skins in which, for certain reasons, are more dilated and visible to the human eye, which is a concern for anyone who presents them.

What can we recommend a patient we mature skin and is concerned about the appearance of dilated pores? Each skin is different and has different needs, so the tips we’ll see then we must adapt to the characteristics of the skin in question.

1. Proper cleaning. It is a fundamental aspect, the dirty pore say that fills and expands more. We can recommend a double cleaning, first cleaner to remove dirt and second lipophilic nature, one that removes dirt hydrophilic in nature; a good choice for this skin type is, and second micellar water, foaming cleanser first. Insist on clean skin thoroughly morning and evening and once a week using a mechanical fine – grained scrub to cleanse the skin further.

2. dermocosmético night treatment. We can search for products containing active as alpha, beta or poly-hydroxy acids or retinol. Apart from its anti – aging effect, these active tuned skin tone uniformizing regulate sebum secretion and decrease the pore size. Mature combination skin with enlarged pores are very grateful against these assets.

3. dermocosmético day treatment. If we use the above active at night, we have to use sunscreen always day, and the portion of active treatment should contain hyaluronic acid hydrolysates, antioxidants, proteoglycans, collagen … good hydration is essential. All products that we recommend be non – comedogenic, to prevent possible clogging the pores.

4. weekly mask. The use of a well – targeted to the needs of the skin mask is a plus for any cosmetic dermatology routine. In this case, we can recommend a clay mask containing active as salicylic acid, collagen, gotu kola … make cleaning, cleaned and close the pore perfectly very skin friendly way.

5. Peeling Chemical: are safe and give very good results in this type of skin. Effectively removes blackheads, refines the skin, closes the pores and remove skin irregularities. It is a more intensive treatment, so we must discard sensitive skin and / or reactive. Peelings containing active as citric acid, glycolic lactobionic and give excellent results.


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