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Tricks and colors suitable to make up hazel eyes

In Hair Care Tips

Hello everybody! Last week I talked about the brown eyes , but did not want to leave out all

others, so today I speak of
colors to highlight hazel eyes. The origins of color

hazel are still a
mystery for geneticists,  but the best shades to highlight them are no secret and given you more top colors.  

If you want to highlight your eye color, you can not go wrong with the colors bright cauldron, the

chocolate, dark gold, bone and greens.
I love Chanel 4 shimmering shadows

During the day, I suggest using a green wash or brown on the eyelids and to give more light, use gold tones in the inner corners of the eyes and eyelids centers. 

Shadows and eyeliner brown earth

Warm, neutral tones that enhance the richness of color

Play apply the darkest brown from the outside of the eyelid and
put nude touches the inner corners. To create more depth, define eyes with a brown eyeliner

or pencil brown eyes.
I love brown in gold, it is not as strong as

black, but get out your eyes. 

Shades in warm shades of green

Use any green in your eyes, especially shades

soft or new military green,
like Shiseido Luminizing GR 711. Apply it on the eyelid,  highlights the

lashes with a darker green color and outlined 
with a pencil like YSL Eye Pencil Issue 5.  

shades of gold and bronze

These colors  give golden hues to your look. Apply shadows

gold in the corners of the eyes or eyelids center, give a touch of light or dithering and
get more ethereal effect. I like the gold and bronze duo

of Makeup Store, Sephora or MAC.  

eggplants shadows

Another way to enhance hazel is to play with contrasting colors, such as purple,  which provides a magnificent contrast to the hazelnut, also  it is fantastic to mark

a smoky eyes.
I like the color shade dark eyes YSL eggplant, use it across the eyelid and under the lower lashes. After  outlining the lashes with a pencil purple

like Urban Decay (Sephora) 24/7.  

Metallic black masks 

with shadows or no shadows,
do not forget to add a touch of mascara to your

In the market there are many who have golden reflections or lead and will highlight your eyes. I recommend the mask CoverGirl Black Gold or Golden Black Helena Rubinstein.

As always, I hope you help a little my tips and tricks.  Until next week! xxx

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