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Tricks to choose the haircut that best suits the shape of your face

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Do you think some look hair to hide those extra pounds? As with a good contouring makeup, we can make our face look thinner, a good haircut or a hairstyle also helps to correct or enhance the features. all we do not feel good braid crown-shaped, or pixie look celebritie the last to set foot on the red carpet. I leave a few tricks and recommendations depending on the shape of your face.

Round Face

– If your face is round, will have little angles defined with very mild forms, chin and cheekbones and wide little cheeks.
To capitalize on rounded shapes haircuts, you have to
mark angles and try to lengthen your face .

Cortes: a volume and layers at the crown , much better than straight and smooth or volume on the sides. As for the long, media and long manes are the most recommended.

– A
fringe very straight further highlight your round chin, but if desfilas with tufts also paraded as close as possible to the face will look good.

– Dare to
cut Pixie. Round and oval faces are those that hold up better. Toupee in mohawk plan or curls will make your face look a little more elongated or long hair with layers behind long bangs, high ponytails with volume on top.

Never put your hair behind your ears . So that, from an optical point of view, it appears thinner, tapes agree that the sides of the face and opt for longer layers.

Rectangular face

– Its main features are the straight jaw and forehead of the same width.
Usually longer than broad face. A very clear example of actress
Diane Kruger , for example. What suits you if your face is rectangular is visually shorten the face.

Cortes : all who put volume sideways and no longer down. High collected they are not the ones you feel better. If you want to soften the jawline, not too tight collect the hair , the better you set a loose bun, low and lopsided. Bangs, too lopsided because very square can make your face look a block.

– You will go well
cuts and hairstyles with volume on the sides . Avoid taking the total straight hair and relaxed side and collected, a mane soft wave worsted balances sideways elongated faces and marked jaws.

Oval face

– is
the most desired form, the more symmetrical and which favor almost all hairstyles. They are wider at the cheeks than the forehead or jaw. It is regarded as the ideal face and who benefits most from any look. For example Charlize Theron has been done a thousand haircuts and almost all are more less well.

– Cortes: almost everything, with waves, smooth, short, medium hair, bangs …

Heart shaped face

– is characterized by strong cheeks and chin marked fine, creating a similar to a heart shape, such as of Jennifer Aniston.
I favor much the
haircuts with layers in the front , with tufts that frame the face. I do not recommend very definite line in the middle because it will mark further features or a short bob because it will be the same.

– Cortes: marked layers, braids of all kinds, parted on the side and waves …
Do not go well bangs , except for very thick or long hair to chin length or very short bangs. Ideal for ponytails and chignons face, with volume up you feel good.

Diamond – shaped face

– it will
look thinner if you put your hair behind your ears and you favor hairstyles with curls, waves, smooth and bangs open in the center.

General Tips

– To make your face slimmer, I recommend the
bob cuts because clogged and hide very round cheeks and a broad face and I cut longer at the front to create a more elongated optical effect.

– If you like to
wear short hair, keep in mind that
a cut marched and pin is always an extension element face.

– If you choose a straight bangs you risk to get more kilos on your face, so opt for an asymmetrical, side or rounded.

– When choosing a haircut or hairstyle, do not not forget another important aspect as it is
the height . A tall woman can afford to take the hair as long as you want. However, in medium statures and short women , hair too long can give the effect of a less stylized figure and most recommended is a bob, not exceeding shoulders.

– Similarly, a very large and portly woman can not give the feeling of a very small head and needs a cut with lots of

– The
straight hair and shoulder length  slims all kinds of faces.

– High pigtails extend the rounded faces.

– If you have
curly hair , the most important thing is to control the thickness of the hair . To refine your face, opt for cuts or degraded volume and movement at the top of the head to the effect of lengthening your face.


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What you may be very happy! Until my next post! XXX

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