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Tricks to disguise and eliminate eye bags

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Hello everybody! Are you from which you get up with eye bags and you find it impossible to get rid of them? In this post I’m going to help disguise and try to disappear.

The consumption of salt, alcohol or snuff , coupled with a lack of sleep , are the main culprits for us to notice swollen eyes, especially in the area of dark circles. Other times are genetic , fluid retention, accumulation of toxins or simply hormones. If you want to say goodbye to the eye bags there are some home remedies and useful cosmetic products, but will always be more effective if you follow some prevention guidelines.

A healthy and balanced diet and stay hydrated are two key steps that the bags do not appear.

– Sleep with the head higher than the body , ie, a pillow or two, it is important since causes the liquid to accumulate less in the facial area, specifically in the eye bags. This way, you will rise better looking and less puffy eyes.

– A
light dinner vegetable – based and low – salt also helps reduce fluid retention and, therefore, to look better in the morning.

Wash your face with cold water in the morning helps lower the bags. In addition, the physical exercise first thing  though is simply andar- removing liquids in the facial area is accelerated and therefore improve before the appearance of the bags. Some filled a bowl with water and ice and plunges his face …

– Apply around the eyes a slice of cucumber or green tea bags or chamomile can help yourself The secret is they are cold to help stimulate the circulation in that area.

– Always use before going to bed and getting up a cream specific for the eye contour area is the most effective way to prevent the appearance of bags (at the end of the post I recommend a few very good).

– ‘ Type’ with the fingertips in the area when you apply the cream. The key is to move the buds as if you would type your computer, is not so much pressure as the number of touches. The area must massage is located  on the bone of the eye socket.

– When you desmaquilles eyes do not push too hard
, use
a two – phase makeup remover and gently touches like cotton eyes, no pressure or squeeze with your fingers, because you acentuarás bags.

The corrector must never be much lighter than your skin, just two tones less, and always liquid. Remember to highlight illuminate. If you do not have dark circles or are very clear, use your own foundation. In case you have bags and dark circles, use your foundation in the bag, and to reach this easily using a synthetic fine brush. For dark circles (which are placed under the bags) use your highlighter, paying attention not to invade the bag, since the would highlight the illuminator.

– Feathers or applied powders after correction. In any case we must illuminate the bag, so you must be careful if maquillas with your base, which is non-luminous type, anti-aging or lifting. Such bases give brightness to the skin effect makes the most visible bags.  For this, we have two solutions: used bags makeup the same color as yours but matte finish, or apply translucent powder mattifying to end the brightness.

My ten favorite products: 

1. Capture Totale Eyes Essential, Dior . Cell for the eye contour that oferece specific action to combat the signs of aging and fatigue (puffiness and dark circles) regenerator. It is used as a facial serum (65 €).

2. Eye Contour Gel, Clarins . Attenuates dark circles and tones the eyelids (36,00 €).

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