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Tricks to make up a round face

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With makeup and some tricks that I’ll teach you create ‘visual illusion of depth and definition’ to hide and make your face look less round. Know the steps to get a hit tune your face makeup.  

What do you need? Especially knowing the shape of your face to enhance your contours. Regarding the essential cosmetics: illuminator, foundation your skin tone, base 2 or three shades darker , brush and technique: blend everything well.

  • Apply a first or prebase to hydrate and smooth the skin structure, then apply the foundation of your color or your BB Cream, depending on whether you want a makeup more or less coverage.
  • Apply the darker makeup. It may be dust, fluid, cream … I advise you to be two or three darker and better difuminarlo cream tones.
  • With a large, or finger brush, apply the dark tone just below the cheekbones to the area of the ear, in the outline of the jaw, and the temple and blend well to bring the two tones and you do not stain remains.
  • Then apply the illuminator or “highlighter”. Applies in the septum of the nose to the forehead just above the eyebrows, on the fixed eyelid, cheekbones, above the upper lip, chin and the party has run out of product between areas under and between the cheekbone and between the jaw.
  • Now the most important: first blends well with your skin areas where you have applied the illuminator. Then diffuses with the dark to give a natural effect and you do not get lines. If you want to get a  longer apply a translucent powder to set the makeup and complement.
  • With the blush will give blush to the cheeks. Apply in the high cheek bone or cheek apple and so will reinforce the depth of these. Be sure not to overdo the blush because it can spoil the effect of ‘contouring.
  • Make a game of shadows with the blusher will be your great friend to hide a round face. Choose the color you like, from pink to brown tones, depending on your skin color.
  • Then use a slightly clearer below this area to highlight powders. Finally, with a small brush draws a diagonal concealed in a brown tone blush from the beginning of the cheekbone almost to the mouth. This will lengthen your face and thinner look like.
  • To reduce the volume below the chin, using the same base two darker and apply it to the bottom of the chin tones, horizontally, exactly the part you want to hide. It is also useful to hide visually the jowl.
  • To tune the size of the nose, apply the same darker base, in the form of a straight line from top to bottom, on either side of your nose. Thus, your nose look thinner.


Favorite cosmetics

  • Flawless Radiance makeup PREBASIC First, of Eve Lom evens out imperfections (€ 50 approx).
  • PREBASIC makeup City Filter Sunscreen SPF 50 First, of Kiko Milano (approx € 12,90).
  • PREBASIC makeup Facefinity All Day Primer SPF 20, of Max Factor . To create a matte foundation looks in your long – term (13 € approx).
  • Instant Perfect PREBASIC makeup of Sisley for a smooth, powdered skin (30 € approx).
  • Le Teint Foundation Encre de Peau de YSL, perfection unretouched up to 24 hours. Matte skin and comfortable (48 € approx).
  • Skin Foundation Foundation Stick Bobbi Brown covers and reduces wrinkles, shine and enlarged pores (40 € approx).
  • Foundation of Lancôme Teint Idole (39 € approx).  
  • Pure Light foundation of Yves Rocher (approx € 14,35).  
  • Corrector Eclat Minute Pinceau Perfecteur of Clarins (23 € approx).
  • Erace concealer draft of Max Factor (9 € approx).
  • Corrector Anticernes Estompeur of YSL (€ 22,45 approx).
  • Nars corrector (22 € approx).  
  • Contouring Pencil in September of Kiko. Contouring set for bronzer and highlighter pencil pencil (9 € approx).
  • Contouring Seth Of Smashbox Step-By-Step Contour Kit (€ 48 approx).
  • Contouring in September Sephora Collection MicroSmooth Baked Sculpting Trio Contour (€ 23 approx).  
  • Make up Forever in September Contouring Sculpting Duo Pro (40 € approx)

What you may be very happy and until my next post! XXX


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