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Truths and myths about the skin: we reveal some of them

In Skin Care Tips

The skin is the largest organ of the body and one of the most delicate parts thereof. It has a volume of between 12 and 15% of our total weight and renews itself continuously every minute lost about 30,000 dead cells.

exerts essential functions for the proper functioning of the body , so it is very important to keep it in good condition. Knowing the reality of many legends have arisen around this body will help us know what is most convenient to look radiant, firm skin.

It not always what we think we can benefit more our skin is what really goes better.
There are many misconceptions about this that can lead us to make wrong habits. To avoid this , it is important to clarify some truths and myths about what is said skin.

1.La moisturizer oily skin damages. FALSE

Although it
seems contradictory, greasy skin or acne tendency need the same hydration than any other skin type.
Excess sebum does not protect the dermis , you need specific products that fulfill that function. In this case, moisturizers for oily skin should be light texture and oil free , ie, free from oils to avoid the opposite effect.
2.Ducharte dry skin every day. TRUTH

The shower is needed to feel fresh and clean and to remove sweat, but
do it daily damages the skin , according to several studies . The explanation is that the hot water and gels and soaps (specifically, chemical components) dissolved natural fat, that is which protects and maintains hydrated. Although there are differing opinions about how many times we should take a shower, most experts advise a day and considers it necessary soaping of sensitive areas such as genitals, hands, feet and armpits, and the rest dispensable.
3.La cellulite can be eliminated. FALSE

There are
creams and specific treatments (like liposuction)
to reduce cellulite , a problem that affects, in varying degrees, to between 85 and 98% of women after puberty. However, there is a solution to end it permanently. Even so, follow some guidelines diet (drink plenty of water, avoid salt and fats and take fiber), exercise regularly, realizarte lymphatic massage and apply certain products helps prevent this common female problem.
4.The stress causes wrinkles. TRUTH

collagen is responsible for our skin maintain its elasticity and firmness. However, in times of stress, our body increases the production of cortisol, a hormone that stimulates collagen degradation and thus hurts our dermis. This loss of collagen accelerates the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Try to avoid stress so it does not make a dent in your health and your skin.

These four beliefs (of the many that exist in tone to the skin) highlight the importance of giving a
daily special care to our skin , accompanied by a dietary and health habits to maintain our healthy and beautiful dermis.

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