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Twelve makeup tricks for women wearing glasses

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The glasses are flattering if you know to choose the frame that best fits your face and makeup to enhance your look and make you look nice. In fact, there are many celebrities who do not leave without his glasses . I’ll give you some tips for you to be spectacular.

1. Less is more.

Glasses divert much attention to your eyes, so it’s best to make a simple makeup. If you recharge your eyes, will collide with saddle and design your glasses, so that it can be overdone. Stay with neutral colors for eye shadows, although a makeup ‘smoke’ in gray or brown will enhance for the night, keep the glitter and bold colors for lips.

2. Tabs XXL.

Power your lashes, apply two coats of mascara in black or brown tone previously helping a curling iron to avoid rubbing the lenses. After applying the first coat wait a few seconds and reapply a second layer.

3. Pencil.

Whatever the color of your eyes, use a pencil or dark brown or black kohl to highlight your eyelids, outlining the contours of your eyes and By feathering with a brush.

4. If you are nearsighted …

Apply the profiler on the outside of your eyes to get enlarge them and get a spectacular look.

5. If you have hyperopia …

Apply the profiler on the inside of the eye to achieve the opposite effect.

6. Commitment fumé shadows that give depth to your look.

You can also apply a shadow warm color (light brown, taupe or bronze or peach tones) that are the most flattering. If you like to combine mounts colors, opt for a shade that matches the color of your mount.

7. The eyeliner is essential.

It is important to adjust the thickness of the line when you wear glasses. If the frame is very striking, apply a thick line on the upper lashes to highlight your eyes. If instead the frame is rather discreet, a finer line will be great. It is important to balance between the definition of your eyes and your glasses frame.

8. The shape of the eye determines the colors according to a principle.

The light colors emphasize and highlight, dark sink and deepen.

9. Brow well defined.

Mount your glasses attention inevitably set your eyebrows, you should make sure that they are well fixed. Removing or cutting hairs rebels and fills the gaps ( “plaques”) with an eyebrow pencil or the same color applies a shadow powder. (I speak of the eyebrows in the previous post) 

10. If your prescription does your smaller eyes.

Make sure you delineas your eyes completely: Caring line that runs along your upper lash spread throughout the eye. You can increase the thickness gradually as you reach the outer end. Eyeliner uses a tone darker than the natural color of your eyes, so you’ll create a perfect contrast. Two or three coats of black mascara on top lashes also help open your eyes to an effect

more awake and fresh.
Of course, do not forget to apply concealer to cover dark circles (a must for all women, but especially if you wear glasses).

11. If your prescription makes your eyes bigger.

Apply a soft makeup and softens shadows carefully. The last thing you want is that your glasses magnify any failure. Eye shadow, commitment light, neutral colors. The eyeliner should be delicate and fine, and apply a single layer of mascara. The goal is to keep the area of ​​soft eyes and very natural.

12. Make up your lips in red and much applies only mask the upper and lower lashes . You will achieve divert all attention to your mouth.
I hope you serve these tricks! As always I hope you have a brilliant week! Until my next post!

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