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Hair loss is a problem that concerns us all and and happens to us periodically. Hair renewing and, to do so, they must fall and leave their

place to new hair.
There are certain times of the year in which hair loss is normal. Like their fur animals adapt to cold or heat stations, also

we experience greater hair loss with the change of season, early fall.

Seasonal hair fall does not have to worry.
But what if I lose lots of hair in that or in another time and I realize that my hair falling out more than usual or certain areas have

begun to clarearme?
There are many factors that influence it. The first is whether you suffer progressive fall of hair or reaction.

HOW distinguish the type of hair loss?

The progressive fall of hair or hormone, also called androgenic alopecia, hair loss caused by localized areas.
It is hereditary, has a hormonal origin and is more common in

It is not periodic, but becomes progressively and persistently.

Seasonal fall or reaction appears suddenly hair.
Among its causes they have much weight the psychological and emotional factors -Stress, anxiety and Depression.


It also occurs when we have an imbalance in our diet.
It is common in women after childbirth, or as a result of extreme fatigue and certain

medical treatments.
It affects both men and women alike.

To curb the problem, you must
first undergo a hair analysis to determine what type of alopecia are suffering: progressive or seasonal-reaction. Having identified the causes

the most appropriate treatment can be applied.
Today there are advanced treatments made with natural oils and extracts that promote hair growth and slow its fall with

very effectively.

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