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Ulcers that do not heal for months, possible sign of alarm of an epidermoid carcinoma – Pharmacist Post – Todo Dermo

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In skin cancers nonmelanoma two types, the basal cell carcinoma and squamous and sometimes confused because both are characterized by spots and skin lumps painless, according to the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV). “In squamous cell carcinoma the most significant symptom is ulceration . At first the grains or spots, reddish appearance, grow very slowly, but during its evolution, begin to bleed , “he told TodoDermo Miguel Sanchez, a dermatologist and director of the Institute of Integral Dermatology in Madrid.

  • Not to be confused with other skin conditions such as acne or venous ulcers

Although lesions of basal cell cancer can also cause bleeding, Sanchez insists that the epidermoid is much more common: “They often come to the consultation patients with a stain that had for a year , but pay no attention until it becomes a wound that does not heal and stain their clothes. ” Other differences between the two types is that basal cell has a much slower development, does not metastasize, but more aggressive.

To avoid confusion with other conditions , such as acne, infected follicles or venous ulcers, Sanchez cautions that the epidermoid carcinoma does not start as an ulcer but a subsequent process of the disease. “It could only have doubts in very exceptional cases and in these cases biopsies are done , ” he adds.

This expert says from the pharmacy is essential to know that these signs is where patients come in the early stages of the disease. “Although the pharmacist recommended them some product to soothe the symptoms , you have to advise them to go to the dermatologist , ” says Sanchez. Referral to the query from the pharmacy, he says, is applicable to any type of skin cancer and remember: ” To lose a year can bring many consequences.”

  • It is most common after age 50 but more and more cases in young people

The skin cancer non – melanoma are associated with later age, in particular, from 50 years , “their connection it should be with cumulative sun exposure and the weakness of the immune system in the elderly. However, more and more cases from given 20 years because more and protect less. ” This increase in young population is also due to the culture of tanning, as said Jose Carlos Moreno, dermatologist and president of honor of the AEDV, during the presentation of the campaign Euromelanoma 2016 .

As for sex , Sanchez indicates no differences in incidence, but in the locations “in women is more common in the neck while in men it is in the ears. This is explained by lifestyle and sun exposure. ” According to the AEDV, carcinomas appear on the lips and ears are the most aggressive.

During illness, Sanchez points out that the needs of each person will depend on the treatment of each tumor: “For example, if there is an excision in the fingers, it may be necessary immobilizing the area. “

Having overcome cancer, Sanchez says that the following general measures:

– photoprotection. “It is essential that the patient who has had a carcinoma already has a solar accumulation and a genetic predisposition to develop the disease again. Therefore, it is advisable to use a high factor forever. ”
– Care scars. “After an intervention are scars. To accelerate this process, there are cosmetic measures as gels and ointments and silicone oils such as musk rose “.
– Hydrate. “It’s good because it keeps skin in optimum conditions and strengthens the barrier function”.

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