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Urea, at 50%, gluconolactone, at 14%, and vitamin C, at 20%, the referring assets of SVR – Correo Farmacéutico – Todo Dermo

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Urea 50 percent, 14 percent gluconolactone and vitamin C to 20 percent are the prominent active dermocosmetic laboratory SVR . This was pointed out Miriam Manas, product manager of SVR, and Esther Silva, commercial director of Filorga and SVR, at a meeting on Wednesday in Madrid, and who came TodoDermo. Silva explained that “these doses include assets and achieve stability of the formula is very complicated, so are the leaders of the firm.” A laboratory, but has cosmetic products such as wrinkle or stain , puts the spotlight on the health and help target the most common diseases of the skin. And it works to provide products that help treat or alleviate problems such aspsoriasis, atopy or acne . “Each variety has its own characteristics and qualities , ” said Manas, but “the big bet is Topialyse” his line atopic skin. SVR has products for daily use and for very specific problems in very specific areas such as the eyelids. “In many patients with atopy have outbreaks in this area, which is very sensitive and which can not be used any product , ” said Silva. Following this problem they created Topialyse palpébral , for , dry sensitive and irritated eyelids . This product “is market leader and accounts for 25 percent of sales in the lab , ” said both responsible. 

In addition to this specific line, SVR has another specific range to soothe the symptoms of psoriasis , Xèrial ; for rosacea , Rubialine , and acne , Sebiaclear .
In all ranges of treatment, each composed of different products for each problem and skin type, the laboratory includes a treatment cream with sun protection factor, “something very complicated to make but we thought indispensable and necessary for each pathology” , Silva said.

The latest release of the laboratory, in November, was Sebiaclear BB Crèmes Light and Medium , with protection factor and dry to the touch. This designed “so that the skin affected by acne can be a little color without using makeup to hide pimples , ” said Manas.

The packaging of products is “very clean” and with asset information containing each. Thus helps the pharmacist in the dermatological advice.
The laboratory has five subsidiaries worldwide, including Spain, where it has 375 pharmacies that distribute their products, and is present in 45.


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