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Uriage creates a new hydration range – Pharmaceutical Post – All Dermo

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To celebrate its twenty – fifth anniversary, Uriage held an event to present its new products of 2017. Among them, Pilar Perez Rivas, forming laboratory, spoke of the new range of hydration laboratory. “It’s a new concept of facial moisturizing” he said. All include thermal Uriage water, “the drive shaft DNA moisturizing company itself. We want to reflect a dermatological approach because dehydrated skin is an unbalanced skin. ” With these products “going to seal retaining walls skin with hyaluronic acid, urea and glycerin to be closing the barriers and prevent water escape”. So “is improved skin hidratació the light glare and comfort .”

The range consists of a serum, “which is a facial care for all skin types because they all have lack of water. This lotion helps restore hydration. It is light and very sweet scent texture , “he said. Contains ” hyaluronic acid and reinforced by two plant sugars polesPlastic ” as reported.

Lina is completed with three creams water , one for normal or combination skin and another for dry skin and smooth with an SFP 20. This is oil free so you can use all skin types . Finally, the line of hydration is complemented by a cortorno eye that “seems pure water and used to decongest puffiness and dark circles , ” according to Perez Rivas.

But this is not the only novelty, Aurora Barranguer, Head of Marketing, presented the developments in solar. Sunscreens include “10 percent of thermal water, at least, and a complex filter with filter generation photostable so that tolerance is high”. Only leads chemical filters, no minerals and “include vitamin C and E that act synergistically with the thermal water”.

The news is the fluid ultralight, in pocket format and unscented for sensitive skin. It is oil free and non – comedogenic. Another novelty is the fluid mat, perfume but mattifying , “especially suitable for skins with differing brightness after sun exposure. Licorice extract contains so it is seborregulador for acne-prone skin. “

The latest news from Uriage come from the range of infants. The laboratory has launched My first thermal water , for use in infants. ” It decreases the virulence also infections to calm and soothe ” Barranguer said. Finally, he spoke of a new stick hidratente with shea butter . “It is an antioxidant shield with vitamin C and E and borage oil and glycyrrhetinic acid” he said. “It’s lip, nose and cheekbones.”

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