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‘Vineactiv’, the new of Caudalie against the premature aging – Pharmaceutical Post – All Dermo

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Caudalie has launched its new product line Vineactiv aimed at combating premature aging. As reports from the company, “the skin also feels fatigue of daily journeys. A lack of sleep daily aggressions such as pollution, stress, snuff, unbalanced diet … “are added. According to their data, “the 80 percent of the signs of aging is caused by environmental factors , generators oxidizing attacks”. In addition, ” between 20 and 33 years , the elasticity of skin decreases about 10 percent and the concentration of vitamin C and E is reduced between 30 and 40“. To help the skin recover from this damage, Caudalie has is composed of a serum, a moisturizing treatment, eye contour and oil Detoxifying night range.

All they included in its composition the anti burn-out cell complex , as they call it . This compound includes seed polyphenols stabilized grape with an antioxidant effect. Also includes extracts spruce , stabilized vitamin C and vitamin E , an antioxidant. What makes this combination of assets is ” to provide a dual antioxidant protection that allows the skin to retain its youth day after day and freshness” report. In addition, “it stimulates the inner defenses”. This compound also includes hyaluronic acid low or high weight molecular to exercise “self action accompanied by a correction of the signs of aging already present”

The Serum Anti – Wrinkle Radiance , “should be applied morning and evening before the cream, like a vest shockproof cushioning the effects of daily aggressions”. This formula second skin , “injected into each cell a high dose of anti cell burnout complex” .This product also includes mandarin leaf, cucumber water and spearmint.

The Hydrating Care 3 in 1 , “corrects and protects throughout the day and provides glow to the skin.” To fight against aggression, “the anti burn-out complex cell counts with the help of polysaccharides antipollution”. These sugars, report from Caulalie, “form an imperceptible film that acts as a shield and blocks the penetration of contaminant particles skin”. Moreover, “soft-focus hyaluronic acid high molecular weight densifies and smoothes the skin, while the pigments and powders play with light to illuminate the skin”.

The Treatment Smoothing Anti – Fatigue Eye , indicated for use morning and night , no perfumes and its function is to “neutralize aggression and wake up the look”. In this case, the compound of Caudalie complements peptides and extracts fern antiwrinkle and tensor extract licorice anti – puffiness and horse chestnut concealer.

Finally, the lab has created its oil Night Detoxifying . Advised to use six drops each night to “recover the skin of the working day.” Overnight, “it helps neutralize toxins that contaminate the cells and in the morning, prepares the skin for the day” report. It contains grapeseed oil, rich in omega – 6 and vitamin E . Its action is reinforced by the rosehip oil and essential oils of neroli, lavender, carrot, white wood and sandalwood petitgrain.


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