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Vitamin B12 helps the spread of ‘P. acnes’ in skin – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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The relationship between vitamin B12 and acne has been known for some time, but for the first time a study explains their cause. In fact, vitamin alters the metabolic activity of the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes skin turn segregating an inflammatory compound generating the acneic comedones.

This finding reinforces the medical advice on acne – prone individuals avoid unnecessary supplements of vitamin B12. This essential nutrient found in foods such as meat and dairy products, and also included routinely in vitamin supplements.

Dezhi Kang, University of California at Los Angeles, is the first author of a paper appearing today in Science Translational Medicine , where the causes are exposed after the usual relationship between the nutrient and acne.

To do this, with RNA sequencing techniques, researchers analyzed genes biosynthetic pathway of vitamin P. acnes. Supplementation with vitamin B12 in ten individuals with healthy skin led au n increased expression of these genes , reaching similar to those of patients with acne levels.

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