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Vitamin D

In Skin Care Tips

Did you know that vitamin D is the only one whose fundamental source of synthesis is not food intake, but it is our organism that produces it ? Possibly you know her as “vitamin that helps the tan ‘ , but what else do you know about her? In the next post we talked about this compound, its functions, how it is made and where we can get.

vitamin D is made thanks to the effect of solar radiation on our skin .

Precursors of
vitamin D require sunlight to become active and functional. It is therefore very important to receive solar radiation without photoprotection for 10-15 minutes a day as a general rule. However, we do not misunderstand this statement: continuous and unprotected solar radiation oxidizes the skin and causes skin damage which may be severe and irreversible. However, the ideal dose of radiation at appropriate hours promotes the synthesis of vitamin D. It

is important to note the
skin phototype, Since the pale skins have efficient metabolism of the most pigmented transformation.
Fixed calcium molecules

Its essential function is to intervene directly in the metabolism
phospho-calcium . Vitamin D is involved in the absorption and on bone mineralization. Furthermore, the process avoids bone fracture for endogenous calcium. Its deficit causes diseases such as osteoporosis or rickets.
Improves muscle function

vitamin D deficiency may cause muscle weakness and atrophy (muscle fiber type II) so that an intake of foods containing vitamin D is a good ally. Protects against cardiovascular disease
May help lower blood pressure and improves the elasticity of your blood vessels.

On the
one hand, it reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes , and inducing improvements in beta cells (involved in the production and storage of insulin) and prevents deficit .
On the
other hand, it promotes immune function. It is estimated to reduce the risk of 17 different cancers, including colon, breast, ovaries and the prostate.
Also inhibits the growth of cancer cells, increases calcium absorption and promotes cell differentiation, while reducing
metastasis .
Vitamin D is essential for many functions necessary for the body but
does not have to do in the direct synthesis of melanin , which is the natural pigment of our skin.
It is true that promotes cell regeneration of the basal layer and induces keratinocyte proliferation, hence it is important in skin care.

although it is called the sunshine vitamin does not cause an increase in skin pigmentation . While no sun exposure, vitamin D synthesis is deficient.



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