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Vitamins C and E to counteract skin damage during menopause – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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At menopause women experience a series of changes that can affect the skin condition and the pharmacist should know to help relieve symptoms with personalized advice .? As explained CF Mª José Alonso, member of the Spanish Academy Dermatology , “physiological aging is accelerated cell division slows, no degenerative changes in the connective tissue, atrophy, decreased ability of tissue repair, etc.”. Similarly, “at this stage very clearly it increases the skin laxity, especially in women who are not receiving hormone replacement therapy and, having less collagen (5 percent is lost in the first five years after menopause), the dermis is thinner and less elastic. “

According to said dermatologist, “is important to know that, in addition, protein synthesis, particularly collagen and elastin, is partially controlled by estrogen, but low levels that occur during menopause make has lower production and therefore minor repair in the dermis. ” This “is very important, for example, when the skin is exposed to ultraviolet light as UV rays are harmful to the collagen ” he warns. Likewise, there is less androgen “also causes changes at the level of sebaceous glands, causing acne to appear climacteric, hidradenitis or rosacea.”

Stains and hair loss

As for skin spots (one of the main aesthetic consultations in dermatology and community pharmacies), they are also more common at this stage of life of women. Estrogens, reports the dermatologist, “control the operation of melanocytes, which are cells responsible for skin color. During menopause, the number of melanocytes decreases, leaving the unprotected skin against UV radiation . ” At the same time, “these melanocytes lose control over the production of melanin producing the appearance of lentigines or spots”. To prevent this occurrence one of the key tips for women in menopause is the use of sunscreens.

But not only the skin is affected by these changes , but hair also suffers the consequences. “At this stage miniaturization and line of hair implantation occurs is delayed so that postmenopausal women can have similar to human alopecia and present a type known as frontal fibrosing alopecia, scarring and irreversible and that it can affect eyebrows. “

With regard to treatment, Alonso explains that hormone replacement can improve some mechanical properties of the skin and can slow intrinsic aging process, but has no influence on other forms of aging and photoaging or environmental (pollution, snuff, etc.)”. It also warns that “this type of treatment may have adverse effects also in the skin as possible alterations of the immune response that favors the development of autoimmune diseases such as lupus.”

dermatological advice

According to Aurora Guerra, the Dermatology Department of Hospital 12 de Octubre, Madrid, “although there is no scientific evidence that systemic administration of vitamins improves skin menopausal women , its antioxidant action has become fashionable this additional therapy.”

Oral administration of vitamin E “increases plasma levels of tocopherol without any side effect is found.” Also, vitamin C, “Recent studies propose update the recommended to 120 mg daily versus the current 60 mg for its benefits in chronic oral doses, although systemic administration does not reach the skin levels that reach achieved with topical application “.

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