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‘We must raise awareness about the importance of skin care’ – Correo Farmacéutico – Todo Dermo

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Dermocosmetics has become a fundamental category for profitability and even sustainability of many community pharmacies. With the decline in the margin of drugs, many pharmacists have had to reinvent himself and specialize in areas such as dermofarmacia , which requires dedication and training to provide professional advice to the height of a users increasingly informed and demanding. In this specialization, using tools such as dermoanalizadores are very important because thanks to them the pharmacist can better understand the patient’s skin or client and offer a more personalized advice . This is one of the reasons why CF is giving away a dermoanalizador MultiDermaScope 1000 ( MDS 1000) Of Microcaya, among all participants in the Cosmetics and Pharmacy Awards .

  • “It has become a very important and essential category for the pharmacy”

This year the lucky has been Nuria Goma, pharmaceutical in Roselló (Lleida), who appreciates these awards as an opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the sector and to value what the pharmacist can do for the skin care of patients. This is the first year participating and he did, confesses, “animated by his team pharmacy” .

Gomá works the category of cosmetic dermatology and “has become a very important and essential category” for its business model, which gives them added value facing patients and users.

Obtain the most of it

To make the most of a big differentiator dedicated space within the pharmacy. ” We wanted it to be a visible space, so we included it in a warm and easily accessible area for patients , ” he explains.

  • “We wanted the space dermocosmética had a visible and easily accessible”

To publicize the service they offer, they perform different actions beauty advice and self – care . “Sometimes we work with laboratories and in others, my team and I think and design our own actions depending on what you want to promote or publicize” he says.

This is what they do behind closed doors, but out of doors Gomá and his team perform communication actions on social networks, for maximum diffusion and get as many participantes.Entre other activities, ” advise the ritual of beauty and self skin ; We collect as brainstorming all questions and doubts posed by those customers; We analyze them ; We study them , and try to give the best answer as peronalizado and individualized advice for each patient. We also work in developing campaigns according to the season. ” Its goal is “customer awareness about the importance of skin care” and provide advice tailored to each, for trying to “have a good assortment of products in the pharmacy.”

  • “The dermoanalizador be an element of great help in recommending”

And, as he says, your pharmacy has a “profile very diverse and heterogeneous client”, which makes receiving ” very different queries ranging from the treatment of acne, seborrheic dermatitis and atopic skin to the care and prevention stains, couperose, rosacea, cellulite or photoprotection “describes.

Having a user profile so diverse, Gomá believes the dermoanalizador will help further enhance this field and make it more personalized . “It will be an element of great help in the pharmaceutical recommendation. We will make the best skin analysis and give our best advice. “

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