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‘We offer beauty treatments with the proximity of the pharmacist’ – Correo Farmacéutico – Todo Dermo

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Offering beauty treatments is so broad that customers can take hours to choose the center where a manicure or have a facial massage. However, these places sometimes do not offer all the comfort and confidence that users would want to feel.

Aware of this, Marta Barrero and Elena Ramos, pharmaceutical twelve years of experience in the Goya 89 in Madrid (one of the flagship pharmacies in dermocosmética) pharmacy, decided to use his training as a claim to offer cures skin and beauty from The Secret Lab (Zurbano, 4, Madrid).

” We try to be as exquisite as in other reference Beauty, but at the same time, do it more closely . Much people value our natural and feel confident to tell their problems , “explained Barrero CF.

“We exploited that are pharmaceutical because it is a different claim: the white coat syndrome is not something negative,” says Ramos.

Since three years ago

The Secret Lab began operations three years ago in a neighboring local to the current one , where pharmaceutical have barely had room to move inside the cabins. “In June we moved to this place where we offer services hydration radiofrequency (Indiva) of broceado, waxing, nails and makeup, supported by Mireia Olivet, our esthetician ” they say. In general, they say, work with healthy skin, although sometimes treat conditions such as acne, rosacea or dermatitis.

“Some clients were afraid that, to go to a larger site we lost our familiarity, but still very satisfied,” said Barrero. Meanwhile, both admit that, despite the “grateful” that’s your job, sometimes feel nostalgic for the “busyness” of the counter.

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