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Weddings 2014: 5 tips to choose the bridal bouquet well

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5 tips for perfect wedding bouquet:

1. Let your favorite flowers are the protagonists  of the bouquet: roses, peonies, marigolds, orchids, tulips, calla lilies, lilies, sunflowers … We all have our flower, and what better time than the day our wedding to accompany us?

2. Consider the time of year  in which the bond is held, because although in nurseries can always find the desired flowers will be much easier (and cheaper) opt for a variety of season. Also, do not overlook the durability of fresh flower, to prevent ‘lank’ put throughout the day.

3. The personality of the bride  also has much to say and the type of bond held. And, as happens with the dress, a bride can never seem to go in disguise, and there is always a perfect fit for each field. For more classical, for example, white bridal bouquets, simple and with little flower are perfect as well as branches type ‘bouquet’, or those ending in ‘cascade’, more elaborate and descending sizes. They find his daring red tones or bright colors, and even gravitate toward ramos-jewel, made with precious stones and ‘vintage’ ornaments.

4. Height, height, skin color, hair, eyes …  So in keeping with the dress, personality and environment, the bridal bouquet should also be chosen according to the physical bride. Not a girlfriend of small stature or slim XXL can opt for a bouquet that ‘tape’ or higher or winding choose a ‘mini-bouquet’ to be lost in his hands girlfriend. In addition, it will be perfect if you consider complementary colors that blend best with your hair, your eyes or your skin tone.

5. Do not forget floral details on the lapel of the groom and best man,  you must instruct your bouquet while, and in tune with the style and flowers chosen for this. 

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