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Weekly facial cleansing: an ideal routine for your skin

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The facial hygiene is the first step necessary before starting a facial treatment (can read about rituals of daily hygiene in the next post ). This daily routine is essential for our skin to remain smooth, radiant and luminous and to obtain good results before carrying out any facial care treatment (anti – aging, moisturizing, etc …).

In addition to the basic care that our dermis demands, we
should give it specific attention on a weekly basis, since the skin is accumulating impurities every day and if they are not removed, the pores become clogged and the skin loses luminosity and uniformity the tone. To avoid this ,
you need a weekly cleaning facial done , a very healthy ritual that will become the ideal complement to your daily care.

The routine weekly facial cleansing may cover different techniques and methods, but the essential contemplates two, the
exfoliation and the mask , serving to renew rituals and nourish the skin depth.
Step 1: Exfoliation

From birth,
skin cells need about 26 days to reach the outermost layer , the epidermis. Once there, they die and are shed from the skin and thus repeating the cycle goes on. The problem is that, with age the cells detach more slowly and irregularly , resulting in a layer of dead cells that give the skin a rough appearance and off. According to Leire Azcona (2006) , Community pharmaceutical Vizcaya, to prevent the accumulation of impurities occur and clean the skin deeply exfoliate necessary, a process that will recover the lost vitality and luminosity.
How is it done? The application is very easy. First, moisturizes the skin lightly with warm water , to favor sliding of the abrasive particles on the skin to avoid irritation. Put yourself in his hand a little exfoliating product and apply it over your face , so that it is well covered. Realizándote do light circular massage from the inside face outwards, without forgetting the neck and neckline. Wait a few minutes, clear your face with cold water and sécatelo well .
Step 2: Facial Mask

is one of the most essential cosmetics and serves to
nourish the skin in depth and to restore the oils and fats that have been removed after exfoliation. Just after this exfoliation process is when the mask is more effective , since the skin is prepared and disposed to absorb the active and substances present in the masks, which may have different textures (liquid, gel, cream …) and be different types (wetting, cleansing, etc.), depending on the needs of each type of skin. It can be used alone or after facial exfoliant , with the key final step in a complete cleaning routine and enhancing the effect of treatments applied below.
How should we use it ? A uniform layer on clean skin over entire face, except eyes and lips applies. Let dry between 10 and 15 min. and rinse with water. In MartiDerm we offer two solutions: for normal or dry skin ; and fats or acneic skins .

Carry out these weekly tips is the best option to
multiply the effects of your daily cleansing routine and keep your renewed, smooth, bright and hydrated.

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