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Welcome autumn: new season, new skin care

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The summer is always synonymous with fun, vacation and good memories making it the favorite season for many of us, but sometimes this is not synonymous with our skin. For our skin, long exposure to the sun produce stains and dehydration and make the aggressive summer season.

As a
result, with the arrival of
autumn is necessary to pay some attention to the skin and address their needs , without forgetting provide a range of care to look healthy, cared for and recover a good look.

The return to routine involved early autumn, brings them back to the forefront a number of ways that also help improve the appearance of the skin after exposure to sunlight and dry weather characteristic of the summer season.

We give
4 key to protect your skin this autumn :
1. Deep cleaning: The facial hygiene is essential at all times but even more just after the summer to restore normal skin and remove all traces of salt, sunscreen, dirt … have been able to go running on our skin.
2. Hydrate : The high summer temperatures cause the skin to dry so it is necessary to apply a good dose of hydration when autumn comes. In addition, at this time to lower the temperatures begin to make use of heating, which also dries the air. The Alfa-peeling blisters MartiDerm , whose main ingredient is alpha hydroxy acids, your face will provide the hydration it needs at this time of year, plus tighten skin and give luminosity.
3. Sunscreen : Apply sunscreen on your face. Although summer is over, you should not forget to protect your face from the sun ‘s radiation. In autumn it is less intense but equally harmful for the skin and premature aging .
4. Food : In autumn we recommend you incorporate into your diet and mushrooms , will help strengthen our immune system face face colder seasons. Do not forget fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C , such as squash , eggplant or broccoli .
Seasonal changes are key to pay more attention to our skin moments. Take care and mímala day. See you in the next post!

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