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What are basic skin care routines?

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“Basic Skin Care Routines”

          Here we describe some skin care routines

1. Daily cleaning

According to Melgar, it is the most important step of all because a clean face ensures that the rest of the products penetrate better into the skin. The cleaners depend on the taste of the consumer. There are women who prefer in gel format, others in make-up milk … “The product should be spread all over the face and massage evenly.Our skin accumulates dirt and, if it is not clean, the rest of the creams or serum let’s apply, they’re not going to do the same thing. “

Do not forget the neck area. “You have to take care of it, like the face.” To remove the product, we can do it with a sponge or a damp towel . “Yes, we can only use it for our face, not take a normal towel that we have around there, so we will avoid impurities and dirt.”

2. Tone to balance the skin

Some people do not incorporate the tonic in their beauty routine because they believe it is not that important. Melgar denies it: “It is one of the ‘tops’ in facial care because it helps to balance the PH of the skin.We must bear in mind that cleansers sometimes alter the skin.”

What happens is that many do not apply it correctly: the product should not be dragged, it is better to put it on the skin with small touches. ” We can use a cotton or not, I recommend putting it in your hands, heating it up against one another and planting your palm in the different areas, from the front to the ‘T'”.

3. Eye contour

It is usually the forgotten one, especially at younger ages. However, experts like Melgar insist that it be incorporated into the routine. “The skin is much thinner in this area and, therefore, it is where the signs of fatigue, expression lines and wrinkles known as crow’s feet first manifest themselves .”

Simply remove a grain of rice product and walk with small palpitations the area of ​​the eye from the inside to the outside of the eye. “It is always applied in small touches and, if you notice the specially congested area, we can perform a draining massage”.

4. The serum acts in deeper layers

A few years ago, it was enough to put the cream after cleaning but, nowadays, most women have assumed the serum in their beauty routine, although their function is unknown. “It is a complement to the moisturizer, it enhances its effect, it is always applied before it, because it penetrates deeper layers of the skin,” explains Melgar.

Like the rest of products, you should not drag, but apply in touches following the following order: “Cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and facial oval, with a gentle massage”.

5. Moisturizing cream

What is the need of your skin? Firmness? Brightness? Stains? According to what you need, you must choose your specific cream. Not only does it have a function of solving specific problems so that the skin looks healthy and hydrated, it also helps the makeup does not flake or crack during the day and feels better.

“You have to be clear that, for very good cream we put, if we have not done a good cleaning, it will not work the same, my recommendation is to do it day and night, it does not take that long.” The success of a good make-up is a clean and hydrated skin ”

6. Night nutrition

Smiling woman holding cucumber slices

The skin does not behave the same for the day as at night. “While we sleep, we lose the natural hydration barrier of the skin, because there is a small exfoliation to regenerate , so cleaning before going to bed is so important, and the night cream should be different from the one we use in the morning. ”

Melgar advises using a moist facial brush from the neckline to the face, in ascending movements and insisting on the areas of the forehead and chin, where more fat accumulates. “It’s a deeper cleaning than what is achieved with our hands, and helps activate circulation and eliminate makeup.” The expert indicates that the area around the eyes should be avoided.

Next, we will follow the same steps of the day routine, but with specific products to nourish the skin. “Everything we put in at night penetrates the skin better, so they must be creams and serum nutrients that help natural renewal.”

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