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What are some tips for achieving the smokey eye makeup?

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Tips for a perfect make-up of smoky eyes

1-. Use the concealer

concealer for eyes makeup

The first thing you should know is that to make an excellent smoky eye makeuppreparation is the most important. You should take the time to prepare your eye with the correct concealer according to your skin tone. Apply it on the entire eye, on the eyelid and on the lower part of the eyelashes . Make sure you use a good corrector, this means you have excellent coverage.

2-. Apply translucent powder

translucent powder smokey eyes

A very important point to achieve an excellent makeup, is to place a generous amount of translucent loose powder . This step will help your face to be stained by the dust of the shadows or the eyeliner when you are making up your eyes. In the end, when you have completed the makeup of smoky eyes you will have to remove the powder with a brush .

3-. The delineated

delineated for smokey eyes

The outline is incredibly important for this makeup. You should draw a line from the tear to the outer tip of the eye, we recommend you use a liquid eyeliner . If you are not very good at drawing, you should start by drawing the line as close to your lashes as possible, this line should not be too wide and you should make the line on the lower eyelid.

4-. The shadows

shadows for smokey eyes

Formerly, only the shades of black were used for the makeup of smoky eyes. But now you can use any color , ideally you use dark tones, our favorites are gray, brown and violet . Remember that for the arc of your eyebrows you should use a light color like vanilla, you can not forget to give light to your eyes with a bit of illuminator in the lacrimal.

5-. Eyelash Mask

mask for smokey eyes

You must bear in mind that for any makeup in your eyes, it is vital that you use a lot of mascara, this will help you open your eyes and make your eyes the center of attraction . Be sure to apply several layers , but you should let them dry between layers, to make that effect incredible.

6- False eyelashes

false eyelashes for smokey eyes

If the dramatism of this makeup is not enough for you or you have short eyelashes, an excellent idea is to use false eyelashes, these are great to make us look much prettier and highlight our eye makeup even more.

In addition to these 6 tips that we have presented, we want to leave you some tips that will help you with the application of smoked eye makeup and that will make you stand out even more.

Extra tips

1-. To illuminate

Although you certainly have not thought about the importance of this, it is very important that before applying shades of dark shades, take a clear shade or an illuminator of champagne or gold tones to apply it in the area of ​​the arch of the eyebrow. Also at the end, you should add a little in the tear of the eye so that your look has much more brightness and intensity.

2-. Everything else must be clear

When we make the smoky makeup, we must bear in mind that the rest of the makeup should be in light tones . The blush should be of a light pink tone, in addition the lip should be a nude tonality . Remember that we are giving prominence to our eyes, it is not necessary to recharge our face.

3-. Goodbye to prejudice, hello to adventure

Surely, I give you a little fear to make smokey eyes in other shades than black, but we want to invite you to try this makeup with other colors, always darker shades . You will find a great possibility and an infinite variety of combinations.

4-. Special events

This makeup is not to wear during the day, much less for more normal outings. This is a make-up worthy of a special event at night , it should go very well combined with your outfit and your attitude. However, since we are inviting you to use other tones and have an event during the day, we invite you to use bronze or light gray tones to achieve a much more accessible look.

5-. Desmaquíllate

A very important point with any makeup, is to remove makeup at night . Remove the false eyelashes, use a make-up remover that is suitable for your skin type, then wash your face with a delicate and perfect soap for your skin , moisturize and rest. This way your skin will always stay healthy and beautiful.

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