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What are the beauty tips for boy in last one month of marriage?

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“Beauty Tip For boy in last one month of marriage”

Not only the bride will be the main protagonist of the wedding,  you as a  boy friend will also be, so you can not be out of tune and that is why it is important that you look radiant on the big day. To achieve this, you must undergo certain basic beauty care that we have enumerated so that you can better highlight your best profile.

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A complete shave

It is advisable to shave when leaving the shower, since the hot water opens the pores and that will guarantee a better shave. For this it is important to use a gel or foam containing Aloe Vera, which protect the skin from irritation. At the end, it is advisable that you apply an after shave , to finish with a moisturizing cream that revitalizes the skin.

It is also important to use an  exfoliant once a week  to eliminate dead skin and impurities and make your skin look fresh and fresh.

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Well groomed beard

If, on the other hand, you decide to wear a beard, it is important that you feel comfortable and look natural for your wedding, so we recommend resorting to professional barbers , such as those you will find at The Barbas Barber Shop  for the wedding day. Of course, try different lengths and looks weeks before the event and do not improvise at the last minute. Remember that there are some parameters according to the face for your arrangement, which you can know in Beard on the day of your wedding? A rebellious whim taken with style!

Eye care

One of the areas that need to be more careful in men is the outline of their eyes, where bags or small wrinkles are often formed. To eliminate them it is necessary to resort to a firming of contour of eyes, which will help to blur the inaccuracies applied twice a day (morning and night).

It is also nice to see some beautiful and harmonious eyebrows  that highlight  your eyes on the big day , for which go a few weeks before to an aesthetic center that contours, is an excellent choice.

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Healthy body

Not only do we refer to what you should look fit, but also consider  undergoing some treatment to tone the abdomen, as well as a hair removal that prevents excessive sweating in full ceremony. For this it is important to go to a good gym, such as the Bodytech chain and supplement this training with cosmetic products that help you maintain the results achieved with physical exercise.

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A radiant hair

It is very important that you shine a shiny and careful hair during the ceremony. For this, it must be taken into account that the excessive use of gel or wax as well as the dryer can weaken it. We recommend a shampoo and conditioner compatible with your hair type,  as well as an invigorating one.

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Arrangement of hands

The hands will take center stage in different passages of the ceremony: during the exchange of rings, for greetings, the toast, to link them with the bride … that is why that day you should strive to make them look impeccable. To achieve this, it is essential that the respective care be performed several months in advance, doing the manicure in a specialized center and applying moisturizer to nourish them and that day are perfect.

Following these tips, rest assured that you will not be out of place at any time during the wedding. Remember that it is important to start treatments and care as early as possible to achieve the best results.

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