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What are the best beauty tips for glowing skin?

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  7 tips to obtain a glowing skin naturally.

Here some tips for glowing skin so that your face looks naturally.

  1 # Hydration can not miss


Hydration is the number 1 key to happy skin. So it is very important that you drink water daily and that you avoid coffee and soft drinks.

Also, keep in mind the order in which you apply the beauty products: first apply a moisturizing mist without alcohol, then a serum or a facial oil, eye cream and finally a facial cream or gel (this is optional). In this way you can take better advantage of the benefits of each product.

2 # Consume foods that heal your skin



Having a healthy and shiny skin starts from within. A fantastic habit to obtain a shiny skin is to incorporate green leafy vegetables barely cooked. You can try broccoli, spinach, Swiss chard and cauliflower.

Another good idea is to consume foods rich in antioxidants such as nuts, blueberries and carrots that provide a considerable amount of minerals and vitamins. In addition, this type of food helps maintain a healthy intestine because they collaborate in the process of mobilizing the digestive system. Do not forget that to achieve radiant skin it is very important to have a healthy and balanced digestive system.

3 # Opt for a lip balm without oil

The skin of our entire body remains hydrated on its own, except for one area: the lips. Protect this delicate area with balsams without oil . Given that oil causes very serious damage to our planet and our precious ecosystems, it is better to opt for natural alternatives. A good option is to use beeswax or organic coconut oil.

4 # Do not forget your eyes

Like the lips, the skin around the eyes is very delicate. The eye cream can help greatly to protect her . Just remember that it is convenient to apply it in small quantities so that it does not enter your eyes and irritate them. Apply it on the top and bottom of your eyes to get there also a radiant skin. You can easily get products designed with natural ingredients.

5 # Invests in oil

There is a facial oil for each type of skin. Each oil has different viscosity levels so it is essential that you find one for yours. Choose oils that are not heavy, for example jojoba oil. Try to get organic oils and made in a sustainable way. In this way, you take care of your skin and protect the environment.

6 # Change your base

Maybe you’re one of those women who have used heavy, creamy bases all their lives just because you thought it was what your face needed. It’s time to change: there are hundreds of options of creams with natural dyes whose pigments give color to the skin of our cheeks. Even some have an “extra” benefit of some kind, whether it’s anti-age effects or sun protection.


7 # Exfoliates naturally

Exfoliating our skin every day or every week offers innumerable health benefits. The granules of the exfoliating product are responsible for loosening the dead skin that accumulates over time, your blood circulation increases and more blood reaches all your cells. As if that were not enough, after the exfoliation your skin will receive better moisturizing and moisturizing products and you will be able to make the most of its benefits. In the market there are exfoliants made without chemicals and you also have the option of making a homemade one .

I hope these tips are useful and that you put them into practice very soon.

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